Twitter is working on a bookmarking tool

Twitter users will soon be able to save tweets for later, without having to favourite or retweet

Thomas McMullan
10 Oct 2017

Twitter has confirmed plans to make a bookmarking feature, which would allow users to privately save tweets to be read at a later date.

The news came from Twitter’s head of product, Keith Coleman, who claimed a way to save tweets is “coming soon” thanks to a HackWeek project called #SaveForLater.

Currently, Twitter users need to retweet or “favourite” a tweet using the heart icon if they want it to appear in their timeline list. Much like Facebook’s “like” button, this action can be misinterpreted as a sign of approval. If you want to create a separate list of tweets you can always create a Storify collection – but this requires more than a simple click on the tweet.

According to Twitter product manager Jesar Shah, many users (“especially in Japan”) have requested a simple way to save tweets without alerting the tweeter. The prototype for the function brings an “Add to Bookmarks” tool to the “More” option, symbolised by three dots. This adds the tweets to a list that can be accessed in the main menu.

Shah notes that this design is liable to change, but that the team at Twitter is keen to build this with user input. “We’ll be tweeting to ask for feedback, and share our thinking as we compare designs, experiment, do research, and more,” she says in a tweet.

There’s no details on when the feature can be expected, but more information is expected soon under the #SaveForLater hashtag.

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