How To Unlock the iPhone XR for Any Carrier

It is worth taking the time to choose the best carrier for your needs. But even with a lot of research, you can’t predict the future. There’s always a chance you’ll suddenly discover a better data plan offered by a different carrier. Changing your carrier may be the only way to get coverage if you move to a different city or state.

How To Unlock the iPhone XR for Any Carrier

However, when you insert the new SIM card, your phone may request an unlock code. This means that it is carrier-locked, and you need to enter a short numeric code before you can use it with the new card.

A Word on Carrier Locking and the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR lets you use dual SIM cards. This can be a great solution if you want to keep your business calls and your personal calls separate. You can also make use of the eSIM option, which is a virtual second SIM card.

But if the phone is still carrier locked, these options become unavailable. You can’t use a second card or create an eSIM until you get your phone unlocked.

How Do You Unlock Your iPhone XR?

Before you can start the unlocking process, you need to learn your phone’s IMEI number.

There are many different ways you can do that. It’s inscribed on the SIM tray of your iPhone. You can also find it under Settings, but the easiest way to learn it is to dial *#06# from your phone. You’ll receive the 15-digit IMEI as a text.

Now that you have the number, there are two ways you can get your phone unlocked.

1. Contact Your Carrier

If you’ve settled all the debts owed to your carrier, there shouldn’t be any problems. They should perform this service free of charge. If you’re unsure about the conditions of your contract, feel free to call and consult with your carrier. Keep your IMEI number at hand when you do.

2. Use a Third-Party Phone Unlocking Service

If the first method doesn’t work for any reason, you can use an unlocker instead.

There are many websites that specialize in phone unlocking, such as UnlockRadar. The steps that you need to take to unlock your phone are the same regardless of the website.

Open the Unlocking Website on Your Computer

Select the Brand and Model of Your Phone

There are websites where you need to name the carrier as well.

Enter Your IMEI and Your Email Address

It’s very important to use a real email address for this. Once your payment gets through, the unlocker will email you the code that will unlock your phone.

Select Your Preferred Online Payment Method

Unlocking websites generally offer a full money-back guarantee.

Check Your Email

The unlocker will send you the code within a day. You can contact customer support if there’s a prolonged delay.

Insert the New SIM Card

Enter the Code from the Email

If the code is accurate, your iPhone will turn on.

A Final Word

You may be wondering whether phone unlocking is legal.

The unlocking process was made legal in the US back in August 2014. This includes the use of third-party services. However, you can only unlock your phone if you have fulfilled your contractual obligations toward the carrier first.

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Anne says:
My service provider tells me they can unlock my phone but only for use in the US. I am now in Canada but cannot use a Canadian SIM in the phone. Will your system for unlocking allow the phone to be used in Canada with a Canadian SIM card?
Rosa says:
what if the sim card is sprint but on the phone on the left top corner it say virgin, so when i want to unlock do i choose sprint or virgin? thank you

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