How To Unlock for Any Carrier the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 is a popular, multifunctional phone and some even use it as a tablet.

How To Unlock for Any Carrier the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

However, it isn’t the most affordable option. This is why many users got their Note 8 on a discount that required signing a long-term contract.

If that is the case for you, your phone may be SIM-locked. This complicates the process of switching to a new carrier. When you insert a new SIM card from a different carrier, you may need to enter a code for your Note 8 to be able to use that carrier’s frequency band.

But how can you get an unlock code?

  1. Try the New SIM Out First

Different carriers have different rules about SIM-locking devices.

So before you start thinking about unlocking your phone, you should read your contract carefully, or just do a test run. If your phone turns on with the new SIM card, you have nothing to worry about.

  1. Consult Your Carrier

What if your phone is SIM-locked? Before you try other unlocking methods, call your carrier.

If your phone is paid fully, they might be willing to unlock your Note 8. The condition is usually that you have no financial obligations toward the carrier.

But if you’re not successful, you have other options. Unfortunately, these aren’t free.

  1. Take Your Phone to a Repair Shop

Phone repair shops tend to have experience with SIM unlocking. This service comes at a cost, and there are some risks to your phone. Before you take your Note 8 to a repair shop, it’s a good idea to back up your data.

  1. Choose an Unlocking Service

You can also unlock your phone at home. There are trustworthy websites that specialize in unlocking smartphones for any carrier. Before you decide on a website, spend some time checking their credentials.

One website you can use is Unlock Unit. The steps you need to take are simple, whichever unlocker you decide to use.

  • On Your PC, Open the Unlocking Service

Just open the webpage of the unlocker. If different brands are available, click on Samsung. In this case, the URL is:

  • Select Your Phone Model

From the drop-down menu, select Galaxy Note 8.

  • Select Your Current Carrier

Unlocking websites don’t need to know what your new carrier will be.

  • Enter Your IMEI Code

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. This is a 15-digit code that’s unique to every phone. So how do you learn your phone’s IMEI code?

If you still have the original packaging, it will contain this code. A bill of sales is useful too. You can also find it if you go into Settings>About Phone>Status>IMEI Information.


There are many other options too. Dialing ⋇#06# is the easiest way to obtain your IMEI code, but it doesn’t work on some carriers.

  • Enter a Valid Email Address

The unlocking website will need a few days to unlock your phone. When they do, the code will arrive in an email.

  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Pay for the Service

You can use your card or your Paypal. If the code doesn’t work, you can get your money back. But first, you should contact the unlocker’s support service, as they may be able to help you.

A Final Word

Unlocking may seem daunting at first. But with a little research, you can complete the process securely without having to overpay. For many users, switching to a new carrier is worth the effort.

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