How To Use a Roku Device Without the Remote

Roku devices generally work well using Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. However, if you’re having problems connecting your device to Wi-Fi and have lost the remote, you may believe you’re in a tricky situation. But the reality is, if you own a smartphone, this is your lucky day.

How To Use a Roku Device Without the Remote

Read on to learn how to turn your smartphone into a virtual remote to get around Wi-Fi connection problems or just for general use, as well as other useful tips.

How To Use a Roku Without the Remote

The Roku app, available for iOS from the App Store and Android from Google Play, lets you use your smartphone as a remote. This allows you to manage your Roku device via the Wi-Fi connection between the two devices and do anything else the Roku remote can do. Here’s how to turn your smartphone into a Roku remote to set up a Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Download the iOS or Android version of the Roku app on your smartphone.
  2. From the bottom middle of the screen on the main menu, press “Remote.”
  3. If you have more than one Roku device in your home, ensure the remote is connected to the one you wish to manage. A green dot and the name should display at the top if there is a connection.
  4. Press the “Home” icon, then using the directional arrow pad go to “Settings,” “Network,” and “Set up connection.”
  5. Now go through the on-screen instructions to complete the Wi-Fi connection.

If you don’t need to set up a Wi-Fi connection, you can use the directional arrow pad to access the menus, etc., for general use.

How to Find Your Roku IP Address Without a Remote

If your Roku device isn’t connected to Wi-Fi, it won’t have access to your IP address. However, if the steps didn’t get you connected to Wi-Fi, follow the steps below to find the IP address.

  1. Open the Roku app, then go to “Remote.”
  2. Press the “Home” button.
  3. Use the directional arrow pad to go to “Settings,” “Network,” then “About.”

The name of the network your Roku is connected to should be displayed beneath the IP address.

Setting Up a Roku Remote

If you decide to purchase a replacement remote or you find your old one, don’t worry because we’ve still got you covered. Next, we’ll explain how to pair a Roku IR or Point Anywhere remote, re-pair reset, unpair it, and add a second or new remote.

Connect a Roku Infrared Light Remote

Some Roku remotes are designed to use infrared light to transmit a signal to a device and require an unobstructed path to successfully connect to the Roku. These types do not need pairing.

If your Roku device uses an IR remote, it can be powered with AA or AAA batteries; then, it will be ready for use.

Pair a Point Anywhere or Enhanced Roku Remote

Both a Standard Point Anywhere and an Enhanced Point Anywhere remote use Bluetooth, radio frequency, or Wi-Fi to establish a connection and will still work if there’s an obstruction. However, they require pairing before use. An Enhanced remote will have at least one of the following features.

  • A TV on and off button
  • Voice control
  • Remote finder alert
  • Headphone jack

Here are the steps to configure a Point Anywhere or Enhanced Point Anywhere remote for the Roku box, TV, or stick for the first time.

  1. Insert fresh batteries.
  2. Ensure the device (box or stick) or Roku TV is on.
  3. Place or hold the remote near the device. The box, stick, or Roku TV will automatically find the remote and pair it.

How to Reset or Re-Pair Your Roku Remote

The process for re-pairing or resetting your Roku remote is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps.

  1. Disconnect your Roku, then power it back on after about five seconds.
  2. Once the home screen appears, insert the batteries in the remote, leaving the battery compartment open.
  3. In the battery compartment, look for the “pairing” button. You have a standard infrared light remote if there isn’t a pairing button.
  4. Once the pairing button is found, long-press it for approximately five seconds, or until the pairing light starts to flash. Try again if it doesn’t flash initially.
  5. Wait approximately 30 seconds as the Roku pairs with the remote. Once it’s complete, a confirmation should display on your TV.

How to Add a Second or New Remote

A second remote is handy for gaming as it allows two-person gameplay. Here’s how to add a new or second remote to control your Roku player or TV.

How to Unpair Your Roku Remote

  1. Go to the “Home” menu, then “Settings” on the left.
  2. Choose “Remotes & devices,” then “Pair Remote.”
  3. The following screen will display the paired remote.
  4. Click on the right arrow, then follow the on-screen instructions.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Roku remote, sometimes unpairing it can solve the problem. Unpairing the remote is just as straightforward as pairing it; follow these steps.

  1. Simultaneously long-press the “Home,” “Back,” and “Pairing” buttons for approximately three to five seconds.
  2. This should cause the indicator to blink three times as it unpairs.
  3. To confirm the remote has unpaired successfully, press some of the buttons to see if there is a response.


Can you use a universal remote with Roku?

Yes, your universal remote should be compatible with your Roku TV.

Is there a universal Roku remote?

The universal Roku remote is compatible with over 500,000 devices from over 6,000 brands and can support up to 15 devices. It also has an official app to make the setup easy.

Why is my Roku remote not pairing?

If you’re having issues pairing your Roku remote, try swapping or resetting the batteries. If it still doesn’t work, check for Wi-Fi or HDMI connection issues.

Where is the reset button on a Roku?

Roku’s reset button is usually found on the back or bottom of the device.

Control Roku From Your Smartphone

If you misplaced your Roku remote or it’s broken, and you need a fast solution, the Roku app will let you turn your smartphone into a remote. The app is available on iOS and Android and offers the same functionality as the remote. From setting up a Wi-Fi connection to navigating through the channels, all is possible – as long as you don’t misplace your smartphone!

How did you find using your smartphone as a Roku remote? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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