Video: Is this nightmare of advertising the future of virtual reality?

A lot of people are excited about the future of virtual reality. The possibilities appear endless.

Video: Is this nightmare of advertising the future of virtual reality?

There’s a lot to consider, of course. There are ethical questions, for example – where the line is drawn between reality an augmented ‘fiction’. 

Whatever the outcomes, VR will be pushed to its limits and will evolve. And there’ll be a host of positives. 

But much like all other technology, business will play a huge role, probably overtaking the entertainment factor at some stage. VR might be a novel pursuit today, but one day it’s likely to be a world of advertising and corporate rallying. 

That appears the case in this project by Keiichi Matsuda. He’s created a colourful, vibrant, but obtusive future of billboards and prompts that leaves little to be desired. 

Matsuda has produced a mock-up video of what VR might one day look like. It’s intrusive and annoying at best. But it’s also quite fascinating. 

Watch it unfold – you can look away whenever you need to. But if hyper reality one day prevails, it might be a little harder to escape… 

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