Netflix’s animated Voltron series now has its own VR game

Fans of Netflix’s popular Voltron: Legendary Defender animated series will soon be able to enjoy the action in virtual reality.

An episodic VR experience entitled DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles, will make its way to PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on 26 September with a price tag of $15 (£11.60).

Developed by Digital Domain, in collaboration with Universal Brand Development, the VR experience puts the user in the role of the Blue Paladin, Lance, who is caught in the middle of a massive conflict between the Voltron force and the Galra Emperor, Zarkon.

 The voice actors from the show have given their vocal talents to the VR adventures, while the showrunners were also involved to make it as faithful to the original TV series as possible. The first episode will be called Seeds of Corruption and, like the rest of the series, it will involve solving puzzles and conquering challenges.

“The cinematics in this episode feature a visual style reminiscent of the animated TV series but presented for the first time in fully immersive 360-degree VR,” said Jaime Bencia Sr, creative director at Digital Domain, in a blog post. “The use of VR technology allows for more dynamic storytelling and incredible in-your-face action sequences.

“The experience will also feature moments of interactivity where the user takes control of Lance’s actions. These interactive moments include several highly engaging puzzles as well as exciting missions where the user pilots the Blue Lion, battling Galra forces with an array of highly advanced weapon systems”.

DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles can be pre-ordered with a 20% discount on the PlayStation Store for $12 (£9.29). However, somewhat confusingly, the release date is currently listed as 31 December 2017, rather than the September release date.

The sci-fi adventure series made its debut on Netflix in June 2016, and a fourth series is set to launch on the streaming platform on 13 October.

This week, Sony slashed the price of the PlayStation VR in the US, with customer set to receive a discount of $45 ($35) on a standard PSVR kit. While a similar deal has not yet been confirmed in the UK, the hope is that a discount may be on the way.

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