How to Use VNC Servers on Android

Did you know you can use your Android smartphone to control your computer? This is what Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is about. You can think of it as an alternative to your mouse or trackpad.

How to Use VNC Servers on Android

There are lots of both free and paid applications which can help you achieve this goal, but which ones are the best? Keep on reading to find out.

An Introduction to VNC

VNC is primarily a way to remotely control a computer from another computer on the same server. This is achieved through a “remote framebuffer” protocol (RFB protocol). This is, for example, what the program TeamViewer does. It’s a very popular way to connect your home and work computers, as it lets you access both of these wherever you are.

Using VNC servers lets you control your computer from your smartphone. There are also programs for controlling your smartphone from your computer.

Best VNC Server Apps for Android

VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is a product of RealVNC, which is a leader in remote access software. Therefore, it’s not surprising that their app is doing well and it’s getting regular updates. With this app, you can control your computer that runs Windows, Mac, or Linux, wherever it is.

What’s great about this app is that you can control both the mouse and the keyboard using your smartphone. Your smartphone can also become a trackpad for increased accuracy.

This app is very easy to use, as you just need to install it on your Android phone and install the computer counterpart, VNC Server, on the computer you want to control. The fact that it’s free to use is another significant upside.

VNC Viewer for Android

Another free app, this open-source VNC viewer lets you set up the controls however you wish. What this means is that you can choose how your phone actions affect those on your computer, giving you lots of flexibility. You can also use your phone as a keyboard with this app.

VNC Viewer

Other benefits of using this app include the fact that it doesn’t need to be installed on an SD card, it lets you import and export your settings, and it can connect to other VNC servers (such as RealVNC and TightVNC).

TeamViewer Quick Support

From the developers of the famous TeamViewer program comes an app that lets you control your Android phone from a computer or even from another smartphone. As the name suggests, this app is primarily about getting help from a person experienced with device repairs.

It’s not overly tough to use, as you just need to install this app on your cellphone, while the other person has to install the regular TeamViewer computer program. The app’s features include chat, a file transfer option, and a process list which allows for stopping processes.

TeamViewer for Remote Control

This is the app to use if you want to remotely control another Android phone. It’s the counterpart to the TeamViewer Quick Support app that has similar functions. If you want to help another person, this is the app that you need to install while they install the QuickSupport app.

Remote Ripple

If speed is what you’re looking for in a VNC server app, give this one a try, as it connects directly to the machine, without using any additional servers or third-party services. Direct connections through the internet are possible, but they might require some additional tweaking. Some functions here are quite complicated, so this app is for users who have at least some earlier experience with VNC servers.

Remote Ripple

If you understand these basics, you’ll find the interface easy to navigate. The fact that TightVNC’s developers made this app is also worth noting. However, note that this one isn’t free.

Servers Ultimate Pro

This app is not free either, but it more than makes up for its modest cost of $10. VNC is just one of the servers you can use here. This app lets you use about 60 servers.

However, despite this and all the network tools it brings, its creators warn that the app doesn’t work on many devices, you can use only one email address, and a phone root might be required. Still, if the VNC server is not the only server you’d like to use, see if this app works on your phone and consider buying it.

Making Good Connections

VNC servers are certainly a rising trend, and they make life quite a bit easier. That being said, start with figuring out which function is the most important to you and keep that in mind while choosing a VNC server Android app.

Why are you planning on using a VNC server? Which app did you find the most appealing? Did it work properly in your case? Share your experiences with us and with other new VNC server users in the comments below.

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