How To Watch Free TV Online

Cable TV has been a staple in many households for years, but the internet has made streaming shows the better option. TV shows still survive today and can be watched online as part of streaming services. Best of all, some channels or shows are free to watch.

How To Watch Free TV Online

Below are some ways to watch free TV online, and specific channels offer live news. Read on to find out where these sites are, plus their advantages.

Watch Free TV Online

Some of your favorite shows or movies are available right now on websites or streaming platforms. While many people know about Netflix and Hulu, there are places you can watch TV for free. Many of these services don’t charge users to watch the content, but the downside is having to endure ads.

You won’t need to worry about legal cases. Reputable websites pay licenses to stream everything without breaking the law.

Watch Free TV Online Now

If you’re interested in these legal and free TV shows, all you need to do is create an account. This process only takes several minutes, and you’re sometimes offered the option to continue with a Facebook account login.

Some other channels are entirely free to watch without accounts. For example, you can visit a news channel’s website, which may let you tune in immediately. Users can come back to the link at any time.

Watch Free TV Online Websites

Here is a list of several free sites where you can watch TV on demand. Some offer downloads and quality adjustments, while others don’t.


Imagine your old school days when borrowing books and other objects from the library was customary. Hoopla is basically a digital library for eBooks, TV shows, and many other forms of media. It’s currently available on mobile devices, browsers, and even smart TVs.

The only requirement other than an account is a valid library card. That’s right, Hoopla is the perfect place to watch shows and movies if you’re one of those who love public or private libraries. The idea is that you’re borrowing from the service. Currently, Hoopla is only available in the U.S. and Canada.

Even though Hoopla is free if you have a library card, you have access to more than 500,000 titles across various media. All of these can be downloaded onto a device if you plan to peruse them offline. Be reminded that streaming quality for video content will vary.

Downloading is only available for mobile users. People who use Hoopla on TV boxes, smart TVs, and more can only stream with an internet connection.

There is also original content on Hoopla, but no live channels are available.

Most of the shows on Hoopla aren’t the latest offerings, and you can only borrow a limited amount of content each month. Even so, there are no ads to ruin the watching experience.

In short, Hoopla is a convenient service with apparent drawbacks, but it’s great to have, and you can easily get a library card to use it. That there’s more content than just TV and movies is a huge advantage too.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an excellent website if you’re fond of entertainment. While it offers some live channels such as CBSN, CNN, and Sky News, these offerings pale compared to the other categories.

There are “channels” that only broadcast a specific show, such as Wipeout. This choice is entirely acceptable for fans who want to binge-watch certain content, but many users want more.

Fortunately, there are anime, cartoons, comedies, and many other channels. The entire family will always have something to watch, no matter what. That’s still not all, however.

Korean channels and Black programs are all available on Pluto TV. While Korean content is considered mainstream worldwide, the latter belongs to the “underground” niche. Fans of this type of entertainment may want to consider getting Pluto TV.

You can check out the on-demand movies section if you’re in a movie mood. We’ll offer a fair warning because the titles will change as time passes, but you might find something suitable for the occasion.

There are ads if you watch content on Pluto TV, as it’s the only way for the company to make money. You’ll be glad to know there won’t be any premium versions anytime soon.

You can access Pluto TV on these devices.

  • Mobile devices
  • Video game consoles
  • Streaming boxes
  • Smart TVs

An account isn’t needed to watch shows on Pluto TV. You can create one if you prefer customizing channels. However, none of the content is downloadable.


Crackle is a free streaming service supported by ads when you watch content. It suffers from a fatal flaw, and that is none of the content is above 720p. In other words, it’s all in High Definition, not Full High Definition.

This may not make most users happy, but the content is legal to watch without fear of repercussions. Because Sony and Chicken Soup for the Soul own it, you can rest assured everything is legitimate. Newer content is only added slowly, but Crackle is especially suited for old TV shows.

Crackle offers movie titles on rotation, similar to what movie channels do. The experiences are practically identical, meaning you might stumble upon a worthwhile film, but you may have watched most of them before. That said, there are several genres to pick from, and the menu isn’t tricky to wrap your mind around, a common problem with free streaming services.

There’s no search function, a feature practically every other service has. Therefore, you’ll have to wade through the categories and subcategories to find the show you want.

Currently, Crackle is available on mobile devices and web browsers. You don’t need an account to start watching immediately.


With more than 20,000 TV shows and movies, Tubi is free and instant, making it a favorite among consumers. The main caveat is that, similar to Crackle, the content doesn’t exceed 720p, which is admittedly outdated in 2022. Nevertheless, people who aren’t willing to use pirate websites can rest assured they aren’t doing anything wrong by watching shows on Tubi.

You can download the Tubi app on mobile devices, video game consoles, and Blu-ray players. Alternatively, users on a laptop or PC can use their preferred web browser instantly. Viewers don’t suffer from a concurrent streaming limit, meaning you can use the same account across any number of devices simultaneously.

Note that an account isn’t necessary. You only need to use the app or website to start watching TV immediately. However, the content is strictly non-downloadable.

To finance the platform, Tubi has ads when you watch TV shows or movies. Using an ad blocker prevents anything from playing.

Many on-demand TV shows from popular channels are ready to be streamed on Tubi, and you can count on the platform to play older hits or movies if you want a blast from the past. As Fox Corporation owns Tubi, all the content is legally obtained.

Some of the latest shows aren’t available, but there’s enough content to keep you satisfied in the long run.

Watch Live TV Free Online

A quick search on Google reveals that some channels are entirely free to watch online, especially live TV. Here are several sites you can visit.

Some of these sites aren’t the most reliable, but you can sometimes find a gem. Overall, practicing caution when looking for options would be best.


What if you want to save the streaming video for offline view?

Not every streaming service offers the download feature. You need to check with the service and see if there’s a way to download videos you can watch offline. This function is usually reserved for mobile devices only, but it can vary.

What is a VideoProc Converter?

VideoProc Converter is a program that lets users edit videos, such as resizing and converting their file formats. There is a free trial, but you must pay to continue using its functions. As a powerful media editor, you can use it to download videos and shrink the files so it fits on your mobile devices.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is software designed to mask a user’s actual geographic location from internet service providers and cybercriminals. It has the added benefit of letting you watch content not available in your country or area. VPNs are crucial for internet security because many people can easily access your data.

Turn the Screen On

TV isn’t a luxury in these times anymore, as the internet makes content easy to locate. Services like Tubi already pay for themselves as users watch ads, making them safe and legal entertainment. Now that you know where to find free TV online, cables aren’t a necessity any longer.

What other streaming services did we miss in our list? Which do you think is the best one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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