Buzzing football shirt gives you feels to match your team’s mood

All set for tonight’s Euro 2016 feast tonight? It’s England vs Slovakia, or Wales vs Russia. You’ve got your snacks, your drinks, your giant foam finger and flag of choice, but something’s missing somehow.

Buzzing football shirt gives you feels to match your team’s mood

Maybe it’s a football shirt that vibrates with haptic feedback to every goal, card, corner, offside and free kick?

Uh, no, probably not that, but nonetheless, here it is.

Why? I couldn’t really tell you, despite watching the video above a fair few times. Wearable Experiments say that it creates “a heightened sense of excitement blurring the lines between player and spectator,” but those lines still look resolutely unblurry me.

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If you’re watching the game, you probably don’t need your shirt to buzz when your team gets a corner, because your eyes will have already told you. And if you’re not watching the game, it’ll either remind you that you’re either not interested enough to watch, or rub in the fact that you couldn’t make it.

If, for some strange reason, this sounds like the kind of garment you’d like in your wardrobe, you’re out of luck for now. Although the announcement seems designed to tie in with the ongoing European Championships, there’s currently no price or release date listed for the shirt, so you’re probably stuck with your boring, analogue, practical football jersey for the time being.

Maybe just strap your smartphone to your England shirt, and turn on goal alerts?

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