This Apple Watch charging stand looks like a dinky Macintosh 128K

The Apple Watch is a thing of great beauty, but if for some reason you want to make the wearable you just spent the best part of £400 on look like it was dug up from a time 33 year old time capsule, then the Elago W3 Stand is for you.

This Apple Watch charging stand looks like a dinky Macintosh 128K

It’s a charging stand for the Apple Watch that makes it look like a teeny tiny Macintosh 128K. Or a regular sized Macintosh 128K that’s about 100 yards away. It’s made from scratch-free silicon to prevent your Apple Watch (series 1 or 2) getting any blemishes while charging.elago_charger_vs_macintosh_128k

If nothing else, this is a pretty stark illustration of how far computer technology has come over the course of my lifetime. The Macintosh 128K was released just five months before I was, and it’s probably fair to say that I’ve aged better. With its 7.83MHz Motorola 68000 processor and 128KB of RAM, the Macintosh 128K is roundly beaten by the Apple Watch, which with its 520MHz processor is around 74 times as fast – even if you can’t really write that novel on it.

Had you invested the $2,495 in Apple rather than buying a Macintosh 128K back in 1984, you’d now have $706,024 worth of company shares, of course. But with the Elago W3 Stand costing a relatively bargainous $13.49 (just under £11) compared to the Apple product’s $2,495 1980s pricetag (around £4,648 in today’s money), you’re probably safe from similar buyer’s remorse in 30 years’ time. You can buy the stand in either white or black direct from Elago.mac_apple_watch_retro_charge_stand

Combine it with that candle that smells like a new Mac, and it’ll be like 1984 never ended.

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