This super-cheap smartwatch boasts a 45-day battery life (and has GPS)

Xiaomi’s Apple Watch lookalike has a lot of tricks under your sleeve


Update: We managed to get an Amazfit Bip in to review, and it does indeed live up to its promises. You can read my thoughts in full here, but the long and short of it is that despite its faults, it's an incredible bargain for under £50.

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People tend to have two main problems with smartwatches: 1) They’re chunky and, despite Apple’s intervention, haven’t managed to shake off their geeky calculator watch image. And 2) Good luck getting more than a day of battery life out of yours.

While it does little to deal with the image problems of the former, Xiaomi subsidiary Amazfit’s latest smartwatch – the Bip – claims to have got the latter licked once and for all. A 45-day battery life, makes it a veritable Duracell Bunny of wearables, with the kind of stamina that even the much-lauded Pebble couldn’t match.

And just like the Pebble (or the Pebble Time, at any rate), the Bip comes with an always-on colour display, with notifications popping in throughout the day. True, with all notifications enabled, the battery life will drop to ‘just’ 30 days, but that feels like a sacrifice worth making.

Better still, the Bip one-ups the now-defunct Pebble with built-in heart rate monitoring and GPS. Naturally, both of these – especially the latter – will hurt the battery, but you should still be charging it less than dedicated sports watches, like the Gear Fit2 currently residing on my wrist which just about manages two days at a time.

How accurate all these features will be is something we have some reservations about, given the price is a ridiculously low price of $100 – or around £56. For some, at that price, “good enough” may just be good enough – especially as it seems to take many of its design cues from the Apple Watch.

As with many of Xiaomi’s products – including the excellent Mi6 – you have to have to import the Bip due to no dedicated UK distributors. That’s probably good news for the western distributors trying to maintain a foothold in the struggling smartwatch market.

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