Western Digital VelociRaptor (300GB) review

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The VelociRaptor instantly differs from other disks – instead of the staid 3.5in design, this is actually a 2.5in notebook-sized model in a metallic 3.5in heatsink shell.

Western Digital VelociRaptor (300GB) review

This is also the only drive this month that offers a 10,000rpm spindle speed over its two 150GB platters, and this is reflected in a seek time of 7ms – the best this month by quite a margin.

Other results underline the VelociRaptor’s dominance. The file read result of 102.6MB/sec is the fastest on test, and the write score of 85.6MB/sec isn’t far behind Samsung’s 750GB SpinPoint.

Read and write access times of 7ms and 2ms beat virtually every other drive in the Labs too, and a burst speed of 235.6MB/sec is also impressive.

This speed, though, comes at a price: £191 for 300GB equates to 68.4p/GB. Costly, then, but if you’re after ultimate performance without SSD prices, the VelociRaptor is where you should look.


Capacity 300GB
Hard disk usable capacity 279GB
Hard disk type Mechanical
Cache size 16MB
Spindle speed 10,000RPM
Seek time (ms) 7ms
Cost per gigabyte 68.4p

Noise and power

Idle power consumption 7W

Performance tests

HD Tach burst speed 235.6MB/sec
HD Tach random access speed 7.0ms
HD Tach average sequential read speed 108.3MB/sec

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