What Is the Newest MacBook Out Now?

When you think of cutting-edge technology, one of the first brands that pop into mind is Apple. This brand is known to always come up with innovative features first. And this doesn’t only apply to their newest iPhones but also their computers. Once you’ve used a MacBook, you’ll likely never want to go back to other brands.

What Is the Newest MacBook Out Now?

That said, to leverage the newest features and most powerful configurations of these devices, using an up-to-date model is paramount. If you’re wondering which MacBook is the latest on the market, read on to get your answer.

What Is the Newest MacBook at the Moment?

When it comes to Apple products, having an obsolete model can create significant obstacles in your user experience. On the other hand, getting a recent model will ensure that your device will be supported for years to come. You’ll be able to install software updates for the longest possible time. Typically, this means you won’t have to worry about incompatibility issues for at least 10 years.

Newest MacBook Pro at the Moment

If you’re looking for the newest high-end product, look no further than the 2021 version of the MacBook Pro. Released on Oct. 26, 2021, this model is part of Apple’s more powerful line of MacBooks.

The 2021 MacBook Pro comes in 14-inch and 16-inch variations. Those preferring smaller models might be considering the 13-inch MacBook Pro that came out a year earlier than its larger siblings. On the one hand, there is not that much of a size difference between a 13-inch and a 14-inch display. However, the 2021 Pro’s display is undoubtedly sleeker, thanks to its discreet rim.

As for hardware, the 2021 MacBook Pro runs on Apple’s newest in-house M1 processors. In fact, with this update, each MacBook now uses one of Apple’s M1 processors, which come in three versions.

While the 2020 13-inch Pro uses the basic M1, the 2021 models feature even more powerful processors. When purchasing your MacBook Pro, you will be able to choose between M1 Pro and M1 Max. Both elevate the performance to a new level and allow you to use these devices even for the most demanding professional purposes.

Another welcome change the 2021 MacBook Pro brought us is its multiple ports. This is something that was once standard, but several earlier models lack.

The 2021 models now have three USB-C ports, in addition to an HDMI port, a MagSafe power port, an audio jack, and an SD card reader. The inclusion is quite an upgrade from the earlier Pro models’ humble 2-port setup that, for many, called for additional adapters. The 2021 models also support fast charging as opposed to the older ones.

As for what is gone with these models—they no longer feature the touch bar the 13-inch Pro still sports. However, most users did not find this feature essential and preferred the function keys, which are back with the 2021 models.

Newest MacBook Air at the Moment

If the newest Pro model is outside your budget, you may consider Apple’s most popular MacBook, the MacBook Air.

The last time Apple’s more affordable MacBook line received an update was late in 2020. The current MacBook Air (still the most recent model of this type) then received Apple’s new M1 chips. The integration of the powerful M1 technology placed these entry-level models much closer to the 13-inch Pro. The Air does not lag far behind the premium model with an almost identical size and similar specs.

While the 2020 MacBook Air is fine for everyday use, it is not perfect. One of the most frequent complaints is its lack of ports. Like the 13-inch Pro, the MacBook Air only features two USB-C ports and an audio jack. Since you use one of the ports for charging, only one port remains free for the myriad of USB accessories we use nowadays.

However, the Macbook Air boasts an amazing battery life, so you may not find the port issue that significant. You’ll be able to browse the web for up to 15 hours before plugging in your device. This roughly translates to 18 hours of video playback.

Another property that makes the current Macbook Air different is its fanless design. Some consider this a huge advantage, while others are wary of its implications. Most other models, including the 2021 and the 2020 Pro, have at least one fan to keep things cool. However, this can make the device noisy under a heavy workload.

The current Macbook Air removes noise from the equation: it’s incredibly silent even while performing demanding tasks. However, there’s also a downside to this. Your Macbook Air might slow down when you’re pushing its limits.

When Is the New MacBook Coming Out?

As we mentioned before, the last time MacBook Air was in the spotlight was 2020. Those looking for a new entry-level device may be wondering what’s in store for this model in the near future. The current MacBook Air had a positive reception and is still a solid purchase option. Nevertheless, the 2 USB-C port configuration is not ideal for every user. Rumor has it that the upcoming MacBook Air might also correct this minor issue and bring other significant changes.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you probably know that Apple’s next major event is approaching. On June 6, 2022, we’ll likely learn about plans for the new MacBook Air, too. Until the event takes place, we have plenty of rumors to feed our imaginations.

The MacBook Air may get a completely new appearance, from a thinner design to a colorful look. So, if you’re a fan of the sleek shades the current 24-inch Mac comes in, you might want to watch out for the big reveal. A thinner design will also mean a lighter device, though some worry about the hardware upgrade cost.

Considering the fanless setup of the Macbook Air, an even more compact configuration might mean more compromises unless an upgraded chip is introduced. According to some rumors, we might see an M2 chip soon, but it’s not very likely that the new Macbook Air will feature it. How much of an upgrade the upcoming 2022 model will mean from the current 2020 one thus remains a question.

What’s Your Choice?

Apple is almost synonymous with constant innovation, so getting their newest product will not cause disappointment. If you’re looking for a model that will withstand heavy use, the newest MacBook Pro is hard to compete with. For casual users, the latest MacBook Air is a notable contender. With a bit of patience, though, we might see this entry-level model reaching new heights before the end of 2022.

Are you excited about the upcoming Apple event and the MacBook Air’s new look? Or are you sticking with the solid MacBook Pro and its unmatched speed? Tell us about your choice in the comments.

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