Where Can I Buy Cardano?

Cardano has become one of the hottest trading cryptocurrencies around. More energy-efficient than bitcoin, with low transaction costs and efficient currency transfers, it’s seen an upturn in popularity with crypto traders.

Where Can I Buy Cardano?

Cardano can be bought from a variety of trading platforms. In this article, we’ll show you where you can buy Cardano and offer some tips for safely purchasing this cryptocurrency.

Where Can I Buy Cardano?

As Cardano is a popular crypto to invest in, it’s offered by most large brokers that sell cryptocurrency. If you can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on a platform, more than likely Cardano, usually abbreviated to ADA, is available as well. Below is a list of the best places where you can get Cardano.


Considered the largest exchange where Cardano is traded, Binance users also enjoy some of the lowest transaction fees when buying Cardano. The site has a wide selection of other cryptocurrencies available, making it ideal for trading it with other currencies available.

The only problem with Binance is that, due to regulatory measures, its U.S. website has a lot less functionality than the international version. This doesn’t stop traders from using it for Cardano, however, as it currently ranks as the top exchange platform for the coin. If you want a secure platform with low transaction fees, then Binance is a good site to buy Cardano from.


The Coinbase trading platform is an accessible option for first-time investors. Coinbase has a wide range of currencies available which makes it easy to exchange Cardano to and from other crypto coins.

A drawback of using Coinbase is that they’re usually not upfront with the fees that they charge, which is comparatively higher than other brokers on this list. As a compromise for the ease of use offered by the site, though, experienced traders may want cheaper transaction fees. Despite this, Coinbase remains one of the top exchanges for trading when it comes to ADA.


Another solid platform for buying Cardano is Crypto.com, which one of the top exchanges for ADA. It offers a large selection of currencies, and charges low fees for trading. The broker also allows you to earn interest for the crypto you store, and has strong security to protect your investments.

The disadvantage of Crypto.com is that it requires you to invest in their own currency, CRO coin, in order to gain better interest rates and debit card rewards. The site is also relatively confusing to navigate, and may seem a bit intimidating for novice investors. After a learning curve, Crypto.com becomes a very versatile trading site.


A well-established broker with more than a decade of experience, Kraken prides itself on being one of the most secure exchanges in the business. If security is one of your bigger concerns when trading, then Kraken is one of the best options available. Like most large brokers, they have a wide selection of currencies for versatile trading options.

The downside of Kraken is that, similar to Binance, some of the features in its international website isn’t available in the U.S. Quick traders who wish to use the Instant-Buy option will also notice that their fees are relatively higher than other platforms. Expert traders, however, can take advantage of the site’s fully featured crypto exchange, and enjoy very competitive pricing when it comes to trading.

Where To Store Cardano

Before you begin buying Cardano, it’s recommended that you have either a hardware or software non-custodial wallet in order to store your ADA purchases. Keeping your currencies on the platforms you buy them, like Binance or Coinbase is possible but not recommended. Crypto wallets secure your currencies and protect your investments from potential hackers.

Some recommended wallets are:

  1. Exodus – Available in both mobile and desktop versions. This offers intuitive features, and is free to use.
  2. Atomic Wallet – Supporting over 300 cryptocurrency types, the Atomic Wallet is also a free to use software option that also supports both desktop and mobile.
  3. Daedalus – The official Cardano wallet, Daedalus was designed to grow with Cardano, eventually becoming more than just a crypto wallet, but an app store and a blockchain platform as well.

In addition to software wallets, hardware crypto wallets can be used to store private keys in the hardware itself. This makes it very secure as your keys are offline where hackers can’t reach them.

Once you have your wallet ready, locate your ADA address from the wallet you’re using. It’ll be shown as a long string of letters and numbers. Remember this code for later. To purchase Cardano, follow the steps as indicated below for each of the recommended trading platforms.


  1. Open your Binance account. You’ll need to make sure that you have funds available to buy ADA. This can be done either by using existing cryptocurrencies that you own, or via a credit card. To access this, click on Funds on the top menu on the dashboard, and then on Deposits from the list.
  2. Choose your payment method. Cryptocurrency deposits are on the left and credit card payments are on the right. Enter the information required and wait for verification.
  3. Once you have funds ready to be used, click on Exchange in the upper left corner of the screen.
  4. Choose Basic from the dropdown list.
  5. If you’re using Bitcoin to buy ADA, look for and highlight ADA/BTC from the list on the right. You can type ADA/BTC on the search bar if you can’t find it.
  6. On the Market tab, enter the amount of ADA that you wish to buy.
  7. Click Buy ADA and wait for the transaction to reflect on your account.


Coinbase offers an easier way to purchase ADA, as it allows direct buying options via debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open Coinbase.
  2. Click on your profile on the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. From the dropdown list, click on Settings.
  4. Click on the Payment methods tab.
  5. Click on the Add a payment method button.
  6. Choose the payment method that you wish to use.
  7. Once the payment method is set, click on the Prices link or “Trade” on the left menu.
  8. Search for Cardano on the list, then click on Trade or Buy. Alternatively, you can click on the Buy/Sell icon on the upper right portion of the screen, then choose Cardano from the Buy box.
  9. Enter the amount of Cardano you wish to buy, then click on Preview Buy.
  10. Confirm the details of the transaction, then click on Buy now.


  1. Open your Crypto.com account.
  2. Just below your Total balance, tap on Trade.
  3. From the popup menu, tap on Buy.
  4. Search for Cardano on the list.
  5. Choose your payment method from the ones available. You can either use a credit card, other crypto via the crypto wallet, or use a bank account through the fiat wallet.
  6. If you haven’t yet, enter the payment details for the method that you chose.
  7. Enter the amount of ADA that you wish to buy.
  8. Tap on Buy ADA, then tap on Confirm.
  9. Your purchase should reflect on your account shortly.


  1. Open your Kraken account.
  2. To fund your account, click on Funding on the upper portion of the menu.
  3. Choose the type of currency that you wish to fund your account with, whether crypto or fiat. Then click on Deposit to the right side of your choice. Do note that you’ll need to verify your account to access the deposit options on this window.
  4. Enter the required information on the boxes provided.
  5. Follow the instructions as given on the payment method that you chose. You may have to wait some time before the funds reflect on your account.
  6. Once funded, tap on Buy Crypto on the link on the top menu.
  7. Type in the amount you want to spend.
  8. Choose Cardano from the cryptocurrency options.
  9. Tap on Preview Buy.
  10. Tap on Confirm, then wait for the transaction to reflect on your account.

Once you’ve purchased Cardano on your preferred platform, chose Withdraw or Withdraw to wallet. Enter your ADA Address that you were given when you set up your wallet. Once Cardano is transferred to your wallet, your purchase is now secure.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Like other cryptocurrencies, the value of Cardano fluctuates in relation to the amount of trading involved. With the increasing popularity of ADA, adding it to your portfolio might be a good idea. Knowing the best places where you can buy Cardano is important to take advantage of any investment opportunities that may develop.

Have you ever bought Cardono before? Do you know of any other places where you can purchase it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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