Wi-Fi Not Working on the Google Pixel 2/2 XL – What to Do

Wi-Fi connectivity is essential to all smartphones. Basically, it’s what allows them to be “smart”. Therefore, if a problem occurs here, many of the features you’re accustomed to will be unusable. Because we are well aware of how frustrating this can be, we’ll provide you with several potential solutions you can try at home. Hopefully, one of them will work and you won’t have to seek outside help.

Wi-Fi Not Working on the Google Pixel 2/2 XL - What to Do

Potential Solutions

If Wi-Fi isn’t working on your Pixel 2/2 XL, you can try the following:

  • First things first, we need to determine if the problem truly lies in your phone because it is possible that there’s simply something wrong with the Wi-Fi. We’ll start by power cycling your network equipment. Power cycling is tech jargon for turning a device off and then on again. In this case, we are referring to your modem and you may or may not also have a router.
    Start by turning off your network equipment. The location of the power button varies, but it’s not too difficult to find. Next, unplug the power cord and leave it like that for a minute. Afterward, just turn everything back on a wait for a bit. Now, check the Wi-Fi on your phone.
    If the problem persists, there’s one last check we can do. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find another device that uses Wi-Fi. If that device can connect to your home network, then the problem is definitely with your phone.
  • Next up, try toggling the Wi-Fi on your phone. Press the Wi-Fi icon to turn it off, wait for 20-30 seconds, then press it again. Also, do the same with airplane mode – turn it on for half a minute, but make sure to turn it back off afterward.
  • If that didn’t help, restart your phone. Simply hold down the power button. It’s located on the side of the Pixel 2/2 XL, above the volume controls.  
  • Next, we’re going to try forgetting your Wi-Fi network. Enter the Settings menu from the home screen.

Select “Network & internet”, then “Wi-Fi”. Tap and hold your home network. When the next menu pops up, press “Forget network”. After that, select “Add network” from the same menu and try to reconnect.

  • If this doesn’t produce results, it may be time for more drastic measures. First, we can try to reset all your network preferences. From the Settings menu, select “System”, followed by “Reset”. In here, select “Network settings reset”. This will delete all network data so be careful as you will need to know how to set everything back up again.
  • The absolute last resort is a factory reset. This will delete all personal data and your phone will go back to factory settings. Make sure you’re prepared for everything this entails before you even consider it. This is, truly, the most extreme solution you can try and you should not take it lightly.

If you are sure about it, just go to the same menu as you did when you reset the network settings. However, choose “Factory data reset” instead. Follow the onscreen prompts and press “Erase everything” at the end.


After attempting everything on this list, there’s basically nothing more you can do on your own. If the Wi-Fi is still not working, it’s likely your Pixel 2/2 XL has some sort of a hardware malfunction. Therefore, you will need to have an expert take a look.

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