Pixel 3 – Wi-Fi Not Working – What to Do

Wi-Fi not working is not an issue that only targets the Pixel 3 users. All smartphone users have to deal with this type of issues at some point. What makes the Pixel 3 interesting is the variety of ways in which you can detect the errors on your own and fix them. Here’s what usually causes the Wi-Fi to go out.

Pixel 3 – Wi-Fi Not Working – What to Do

Check If Wi-Fi Is Enabled

Believe it or not, one of the most common reasons why Wi-Fi connectivity is down on smartphones is because users simply forget to turn the feature on. It’s easy to tap on it by accident and disable it while browsing through the phone’s settings. Here’s how you solve this on the Pixel 3.

  1. Tap the Settings App
  2. Tap Network & Internet
  3. Tap Wi-Fi
  4. Enable It
  5. Tap on an Existing Network

When you do this, the network will automatically be saved. This means that whenever you’re in range, your Pixel 3 will automatically connect to it even if you’re already on a different network at the time.

Just because Wi-Fi is enabled, doesn’t mean that it will work fine. Sometimes, third-party apps mess with Android phones to the point where connectivity is lost. You can check for interferences by putting the phone in safe mode. Safe mode disables other apps so that you’re free to check your connectivity without possible interference.

Here’s how to boot the Pixel 3 in safe mode:

  1. Hold Down the Power Button
  2. Tap or Hold on the Power Off Option from the Side Menu
  3. Wait for Your Pixel 3 to Enter Safe Mode

You can stay in safe mode for as long as you want or until you discover the source of your problems. It’s recommended that you use the phone in safe mode for anywhere between 24 and 48 hours.


The list of errors fixed by a simple device restart is long. It works on PCs, tablets, iPads, and of course smartphones. If your Wi-Fi shows as being enabled, you can try to restart your Pixel 3 in an attempt to fix the connectivity.

Simply close your phone and take out the battery. This clears the system and the memory. Alternatively, you can simulate the battery pull by doing a soft reset.

  1. Hold the Power Button for 10 Seconds
  2. Wait for the Reboot to Finish

Turn Off Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is a very good feature if you want to use your phone’s local apps without being bothered by incoming calls, messages, and online notifications. Airplane mode turns off Wi-Fi connectivity, so if your network is down, this may be the reason for it.

  1. Tap the Settings App
  2. Tap Network & Internet
  3. Turn Off Airplane Mode

Keep in mind that Airplane mode is not enabled by default. This means that if your Wi-Fi isn’t working on a brand new Pixel 3, there might be other bugs causing the problem. Still, it’s not uncommon to forget about having Airplane mode on if you’ve used it for a long time. It’s also possible to turn it on by accident, which is why checking the feature is one of the first go-to moves.

It May Not Be Your Phone

Just because the Wi-Fi is down it doesn’t mean that the problem is in your phone. Sometimes networks simply go down. Try connecting your Pixel 3 to another nearby network to see if it works. If that doesn’t work and you want extra assurance that the problem lies with your device, try connecting to those networks with another phone, tablet, or some other internet-ready device.

Adding the Network Again

Sometimes certain Wi-Fi bugs can be fixed by deleting a network and adding it again. This isn’t a guaranteed fix, but it should at least let you know if your device has a problem or if the network is acting up.

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Network & Internet
  3. Tap Wi-Fi
  4. Tap Saved Networks (at the bottom of the screen)
  5. Tap the Connection You Want to Remove
  6. Tap Forget

After you remove the network, repeat steps 1 through 3 and then do the following:

  1. Tap Add Network (at the end of the list)
  2. Enter Network Name or SSID
  3. Type In the Rest of the Required Security Information
  4. Tap Save
  5. Enter a Password If Prompted (Optional)

A Final Thought

There are many reasons why your Wi-Fi connection may be working slow or not at all. Luckily, the Pixel 3 gives you a variety of ways to check and fix the problem without having to contact tech support.

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