Wyze Cam Not Sending Alerts – What to Do

Wyze Cams are at the top of the affordable surveillance equipment game. They’re simple to use, connectable to your smartphone/tablet device, and offer live footage from the palm of your hand, wherever you might be at the present moment (as long as you’re connected to the internet).

Wyze Cam Not Sending Alerts - What to Do

Additionally, the Wyze Cam comes with an integrated motion sensor that alerts you when movement is detected in front of your door. But what if your Wyze cam isn’t sending notification alerts to your phone for some reason? This can be as frustrating as it dangerous. Here’s how to fix it.

Why It’s Important

One of the main reasons people install Wyze Cams at their front door is to be alerted of potential burglaries and have access to the footage as court-admissible evidence. If you aren’t receiving any motion sensor notifications, you won’t be alerted of whatever is going on outside. This can be incredibly annoying – you don’t want to have to look at your Wyze live feed every few minutes because your push notifications aren’t working.

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Before Proceeding

First of all, you need to check if the Push Notifications are turned on for the Wyze app on your phone. Even if the notifications used to work on your device, a phone/tablet update can mess up your app push notifications and change the way your device is notifying you.

wyze cam not sending alerts

The means of accessing push notification settings varies from device to device, but Android, iOS, Windows, and Pixel phones/tablets allow you to set your push notification settings. Look around the General Settings/Advanced Settings menu on your phone.

If you’ve made sure that your push notifications are turned on, but the notifications still aren’t arriving to your phone, check whether the firmware for every one of your cameras is updated. To do so, go to the Wyze app, select the first camera from the list and see if you’re automatically prompted to update your firmware. If this doesn’t happen, go ahead and tap the gear icon in the top-right corner, go to Device Info, then to Check update, and Upgrade. Do this for every camera on the list.

Alternatively, your Wyze app firmware may be out of date and stopping you from receiving push notifications. To update the app’s firmware, you could play around with your computer and your phone’s SD card, etc. but the easiest way to go is to simply uninstall the app and then download and install it again from your phone’s/tablet’s dedicated app store.

Check the Rules

If your push notifications are turned on and your Wyze Cam and Wyze app firmware are up-to-date, the only thing that remains to check are the Wyze Cam Rules. Rules, essentially, allow you to automate and simplify many aspects of using the Wyze Cam through your smartphone.

For instance, you can create Shortcuts that allow multiple actions available at a tap of an icon on your phone’s screen. Schedules can help you set the time of day at which you want something to happen. Finally, Device Triggers prompt one device to trigger another, based on your preference.

Every single one of these rules can be set to prevent you from receiving push notifications. In fact, people tend to schedule when the alerts will be turned off (when they’re at home and during the weekend, for instance).

However, you may have mistakenly set a shortcut to turn off all alerts on your device (in addition to another action). Try all of your shortcuts to see if this is why your Wyze Cam isn’t sending alerts to your smartphone/tablet.

Finally, you can even set a Wyze Bulb device to trigger your Wyze Cam not to send the alerts when the light bulb device turns on. This can also present a problem that you should definitely look into.

To quickly check whether it’s the rules that present the real problem, try removing all the rules. Setting new ones can be a pain in the neck, but it may well fix your push notification issue.

Contact Support

If none of the advice from above has worked, you should contact Wyze support. They’ll guide you through the process, help you try and troubleshoot the problem, and, finally, likely replace your device with a new one.

No Alerts

If you’re experiencing push notification issues with your Wyze Cam, check whether they’re turned on your phone. If they are, check to see whether the app, the app’s firmware, and each of the individual Wyze camera’s firmware is up-to-date. If this doesn’t help, check to see if some of the rules that you may have accidentally set are interfering with the Wyze alert system. If none of this works, contact the Wyze technical support and have them solve this issue for you.

Have you ever experienced a problem on your Wyze Cam where you weren’t getting motion sensor alerts? Have you fixed it? What was the issue? Did Wyze have to replace your device? Feel free to hit the comments section below with all your thoughts, tips, advice, and questions.

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