Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 – How to Turn Off Autocorrect

Autocorrect may be a perk for some users and a cause of frustration for others, especially if commonly used words are constantly being replaced. Thankfully, it is easy to turn off the Autocorrect feature on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 – How to Turn Off Autocorrect

Turn Off Autocorrect via Settings

Turning off this feature takes just a few taps on the screen. You may recognize these steps if you’ve had an Android device before. This is because using the Settings menu is the easiest and most common way to change your keyboard settings.

Step 1 – Access Settings

First, from your Home screen, tap on the Settings icon. This will open your Settings menu. Scroll down to the System & Device section and tap on “Additional settings”.

From the next menu, tap on Languages & input.

Step 2 – Change Your Keyboard Settings

Next, under Input Methods, take a look at the “Current Keyboard” listed. This is the keyboard that will be changed. If you don’t have additional third-party keyboard apps but have the standard Google apps installed, the default keyboard for the device is “Multilingual typing – Gboard”.

Tap on Gboard or the keyboard app you are using to open the next menu. After that, tap on Text Correction and then scroll to the Corrections section of the next menu.

Lastly, you can toggle Auto-correction on or off. If the toggle next to it is grayed out, it means that the feature is already turned off. If the toggle is green, you will need to switch it to off.

Add Words to Your Personal Dictionary

If you are only irritated by a few words that are instantly autocorrected but generally like this feature, you don’t have to shut it off. Instead, try adding the words you commonly use to your Personal Dictionary.

Step 1 – Access Settings

Whenever you need to change your keyboard settings, you need to access your Settings menu. Do so by tapping on the Home screen and then the Settings icon or swipe down from the top of the screen and tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 2 – Access Keyboard Settings

Next, go to Language & Input and then choose the keyboard you are using. The next menu is the settings menu for your keyboard. Scroll down and tap on Dictionary.

Step 3 – Add Words to Personal Dictionary

Finally, tap on Personal Dictionary and then your language/region preference for the dictionary. To add words, tap the plus sign near the bottom of the screen. Follow the prompts to add the word as well as an optional shortcut.

You can also delete learned words by tapping on the back button twice. This should bring you back to the Dictionary sub-menu. Tap on “Delete learned words” to complete the deletion. Keep in mind, however, that this deletion works on your device as well as backups and that it is permanent.

Final Thought

If you don’t like any suggestions while you type, be sure to toggle off both “Show suggestion strip” and “Next-word suggestions” in the Text correction sub-menu.

In addition, if you don’t like the personalization options of your current keyboard, there are plenty of third-party keyboard apps available for download. The actual interface and utility may vary, but you aren’t stuck with your default keyboard if you want to make a change.

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