Zoho Projects vs. Asana – Project Management Comparison

Zoho Projects and Asana are types of project management software designed to help teams plan, organize, track, and manage work. Deciding between the two can be challenging as they’re both reputable work management tools offering similar features. However, one will be more suitable for you than the other.

Zoho Projects vs. Asana - Project Management Comparison

Read on for a comprehensive comparison of Zoho and Asana to help you decide which will be the best solution for your needs.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a free cloud-based project management tool. It’s designed to assist you in project planning, tracking work, and collaborating with remote teams. It allows you to break down projects into smaller milestones, tasks, and subtasks for straightforward tracking. Users can collaborate via various channels, including chat, feeds, forums, and Wikis.

The creators of Zoho claim the software is an outstanding project management tool that’s the best for business and offers more features than many other PM tools.

Zoho caters to teams of all sizes and industries and can accommodate 1-1,000 + users. Their prominent clients include Abacus, Raw Engineering, and Cloud Camper.

Zoho’s Top Features

Here are some of the Zoho Project’s best task management features:

  • Custom widgets, views, and fields
  • Creating subtasks
  • Time logging
  • Recurring tasks
  • Invoicing
  • Gantt/timeline view
  • Expense tracking
  • Mobile access
  • SLA integration
  • Collaboration tools
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Dependencies
  • Percent-complete tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Critical path
  • Task board view
  • Project feed
  • To-do list
  • Global/project dashboards

Zoho Compatibility

Zoho can be used on the following devices and operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Web-based
  • Android
  • Mac
  • iPhone and iPad

Zoho Integrations

Zoho Projects is compatible with the following add-ons and third-party apps:

  • Zoho Desk
  • Zoho Reports
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Mail
  • Zoho Books
  • Zoho Meeting
  • Zoho Docs
  • Zoho Invoice

Zoho Pricing

To accommodate individual business types and varying needs, Zoho Projects offers four plans. Paid plans require monthly payments. They offer a try before you buy free trial, which comes with the following:

  • Support for three users
  • Two projects
  • Custom status for tasks
  • Feeds
  • Google apps integration
  • Calendar and forums
  • Attachments up to 10MB

Zoho User Support

Zoho provides user support via the following means:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live support
  • Tickets


Asana is a leading work management solution intended to assist teams in organizing, tracking, and managing their work. Asana believes in teams knowing what to do, how to get it done, and why it matters. With Asana, PMs can encourage team members to focus on their goals as the interface displays user tasks and due dates. Instructions on how to complete tasks are also included.

It supports six languages, including German, French, Japanese, and Portuguese, and between 2-1,000 + users. Asana’s prominent clients include CBS Interactive, Airbnb, and Pinterest.

Asana Features

Here are some of Asana’s top features:

  • Gantt/timeline view
  • Recurring tasks
  • Track tasks and add followers
  • Activity feed
  • Collaboration tools
  • See team members’ tasks and priorities
  • Create custom calendars and views
  • Create subtasks
  • Email bridge
  • My task lists and “Focus Mode”
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Time tracking
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Automatic updates to email and inbox
  • Spreadsheet view
  • Percent-complete tracking
  • Mobile access
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Task board view
  • To-do list

Asana Compatibility

Asana can be used via the following operating systems and devices:

  • Windows
  • Windows Mobile
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Web-based

Asana Integrations

Asana uses partnerships and its API to offer a wide variety of integrations. Here are some prominent ones:

  • Microsoft teams
  • Power BI
  • Slack
  • Google Drive
  • Jira Cloud
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Tableau
  • Dropbox
  • Chrome extension
  • Salesforce

Asana Pricing

Asana offers a free plan for teams with up to 15 users. This free plan comes with:

  • Basic dashboards
  • Unlimited tasks, conversations, and projects

Their premium plan pricing starts at $9.99 per member, billed monthly or annually and can be reduced for larger teams. The plan includes:

  • Private teams
  • Unlimited guests
  • Exclusive projects
  • Unlimited dashboards

Asana User Support

Asana offers support using the following methods:

  • Email
  • Training
  • Tickets

Zoho Projects vs. Asana: Which Is Better?

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of each app:

Zoho Projects


  • Allows tasks to be broken down
  • The free trial includes many features
  • Teams can collaborate using multiple channels
  • Supports users via various methods, including Live Chat


  • Supports English only
  • Only integrates with other Zoho apps



  • Supports six languages
  • UI provides instructions on how to complete tasks
  • Encourages productivity
  • Flexible pricing
  • Integrates with many major apps


  • Uses basic support channels
  • The free plan offers fewer features than Zoho

What Do People Think?

In general, the reviews are more in favor of the Asana app. Users think Asana is easier to set up, use, and administer. In addition, it was found to meet business needs better than Zoho Projects. For the quality of ongoing support, reviewers chose Asana as the better option. For updates and roadmaps, again, reviewers sided with Asana. Customers felt that the software helped teams be more productive, focused, and deliver better quality work.

Now Over to You

Zoho Projects and Asana are both popular project management apps. They offer the features necessary to plan, organize, track, and complete tasks through team collaboration.

When deciding on which app to go for, the decision depends on your business setup and requirements. Zoho offers more methods for interaction between teams and live chat user support. However, it only supports English. On the other hand, Asana supports six languages and focuses on productivity, but their free trial has fewer features than Zoho’s free trial. Fortunately, you get to experience a little of what both apps are like before deciding.

What do you think of Zoho Projects and Asana so far? Which app sounds more like what you’re looking for? Let us know in the comments section below.

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