How to Use Zoosk Carousel

When people find each other on a dating app, most likely it’s through swiping nowadays. When you have to choose between “yes” and “no,” it becomes easier to decide who will get your attention.

How to Use Zoosk Carousel

Find out everything you need to know about Zoosk Carousel Match and how to use the Coins to interact with other Zoosk members.

How to Use Zoosk Carousel

Zoosk offers many useful and fun features for subscribers, and one of them is called Carousel. Its design allows you to see the photo and age of other Zooskers in a carousel mode, and you can choose “Yes,” “Maybe,” or “No.”

Whenever someone says “Yes,” the other member would get a notification that someone wants to meet them. Two opposite yeses create a “Mutual Match,” and the two would have each other on the connections list. Afterward, they can start texting, sending likes and smiles, and perhaps set up a date eventually.

Who Can Use Zoosk Carousel

Carousel is available to all paid subscribers, who can use it whenever they have a match or find someone they really like. Besides, Zoosk allows its free account members to access this option, but only if they purchase enough Zoosk coins to activate it.

Use Zoosk Carousel

What Are Zoosk Coins

Zoosk virtual coins can help members access premium features that help attract more attention among the platform’s members. For example, you can use them to send presents to other members or make yourself invisible. Here’s what you can unlock with Zoosk coins:

Become Invisible

If you want to look at other people’s profiles without them knowing, you can use coins to get 30 minutes of invisibility on the platform. Within that period, nobody can see you checking out their profile. Once the time is up, you’ll need to buy more coins to continue in stealth mode.

Promote Yourself with Boost

If you’re looking for profile popularity, Boost is the feature you need to use. The feature allows you to appear in searches, other people’s Carousels, and highlights. With improved visibility, your chances of finding someone increase dramatically. If nothing has been happening for a while, Boost could change that in a day.

Use Virtual Gifts

Gifts can be a terrific way to show other members how you feel about them. Using Zoosk coins, you can send a surprise present to show interest in someone. Just find the gift icon and choose what you think that person would like.

Delivery Conformations

Sending messages is the best way to connect with new people on dating platforms. It may interest you to know if your message reached its destination, especially if you’re hot to trot.

With Zoosk coins, you’ll get delivery confirmation whenever someone opens your message. Once they read it, you can continue writing. Keep in mind that this option is available only to subscribed members as only they can send and receive messages.

How to Use SmartPick

Another great feature that improves your visibility on Zoosk is SmartPick. It follows how users interact in Carousel to find the best matching recommendations. You can make SmartPick even smarter by answering a survey. If you’re interested, this is the way it works:

  1. Take a look at the profile selected especially for you promptly.
  2. Decide whether you’re interested.
  3. Your vote stays private until both of you have a positive answer.

SmartPick will improve after a few picks since it can learn your preferences by analyzing your reactions to the suggestions.

How to Connect with Members That You’re Interested In

There’s a variety of ways to contact other members on Zoosk. The process is simple: Go to somebody’s page and from there, you can send them a message, smile, or like. If you’re planning to send someone a smile, here’s how it works:

Zoosk Carousel

Smiles and Likes on Zoosk

Liking someone’s profile or smiling at them is a fun way to express how you feel about someone. Once they realize you’re into them, they might send you a message, and before you know it, you might get a chance to go on a date.

Messages on Zoosk

Messaging is the most direct way to introduce yourself and let someone know you’re interested. You can send a message by writing in the message box and then clicking “Send.”

Bear in mind that you need to send a smile or like to a user before sending a message because only then the messaging box will appear.

Making the Right Choice

The prevalence of online dating apps has changed the way we think about dating. Now we can have a lot of fun while getting to know new people and use features that make conversations more interesting. While it may come with a price tag, if it can lead to meeting someone great you may agree that it’s a small price to pay.

Now that you know how to use Zoosk Carousel and other features, you can make new connections with ease. What’s your favorite Zoosk feature? Have you met someone interesting on Zoosk?

Let us know in the comments below!

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