Logitech M330 Silent Plus mouse review: Nobody will know you’re clicking

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We got an unexpected parcel at Alphr HQ this morning. Inside it was a mouse, and a selection of surprisingly passive aggressive stickers.

The stealthy nature of the arrival was actually quite appropriate, as the mouse is the Logitech M330 Silent Plus: a mouse that promises to “deliver the same precision, durability and ‘click’ feel without the noise”.

We were, as an office, a bit baffled by this. What kind of person has ever given more than a passing thought to the volume of their mouse click? Still, I needed a mouse, so I volunteered to put it through its paces.[gallery:0]

First, it’s a very nice mouse. It’s quite dinky, but even with my oversized paws, I’ve found the whole thing very comfortable to use. It’s ergonomically designed, with an angled groove along the left-hand side where the thumb sits very comfortably. As a right-hander, this feels very natural to me, but it’s not mirrored on the other side, so southpaws’ mileage may vary. The rubberised texture offers good grip, both on the sides and on the track wheel, which scrolls as smoothly as you’d hope. It takes a single AA battery, which is a bit of a shame. I’d favour USB charging, myself, although Logitech does promise 24 months of use, so I can’t really argue with that. Tracking, too, is perfect, even on surfaces that tend to be quite fussy.

So it’s a good mouse, but what about its main selling point: the silent click? Well, I can report that it lives up to its promise there, too. You can hear a click if you listen really closely, but if you have your ear that close to the mouse, I think it’s fair to say you’ve never used a mouse before and could do with some training. The scroll wheel too, is equally quiet.[gallery:2]

It’s actually a little unsettling at first, like an electric car with no engine noise. It’s all just a little bit odd, but then I can’t say mouse clicking is something that’s kept me awake at night. Figuratively or literally.

Whether or not that’s important to you is another matter, and the effect for me was somewhat drowned out by the clicking of the keyboard I use, coupled with the general background noise of the Alphr team hard at work, not to mention that I use the squeakiest chair known to man, which emits a sound similar to a duck being throttled every time I shift even an inch.

Still, if the sound of mice has been driving you crazy, this will fix that problem neatly – well, neatly if you don’t mind paying for the privilege. The M330 Silent Plus model I’m using will set you back £30, and is available in black, blue or red. There is a cheaper model, the M220 silent mouse, that costs £20, and that model is apparently designed to be ambidextrous, too.[gallery:3]

So a solid endorsement from me. Whether or not a quiet life is that important to you, the M330 Silent Plus is a quality mouse. Definitely worth considering if you have £30 burning a hole in your peripherals budget.

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