iPhone 7 colours: A range of gorgeous hues

So the iPhone 7 is no longer Apple’s flagship, what with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X release earlier this year. Still, the iPhone 7 is a great choice, and now at a cut-down price too. But when you get to the checkout, you have one more decision to make: what iPhone 7 colour do you pick? Available in a range of dreamy hues, consumer indecision when it comes to the iPhone 7 is palpable. Damn these infernal choices.

iPhone 7 colours: A range of gorgeous hues

Here’s a quick outline of all the options available, to give you the best chance of picking one you won’t end up regretting for every month of your contract.

Right now, you can buy an iPhone 7 in one of five colours. Here they are in an aesthetically appealing row on the Apple website:iphone_7_colours

Sadly the red iPhone 7 was as limited as Apple promised, and it’s no longer available to grab, though you can always check eBay. Let’s break the remaining iPhone 7 colours down one by one, from lightest to darkest.

iPhone 7 Jet Blackiphone_7_jet_black_colours

Black being less a colour and more an absence of light, you’d imagine that “black” would be as dark as it goes, but no: Jet Black is Apple’s darkest iPhone to date, coming in a glossy black finish that is spectacular to look at.

There is a drawback to going for this iPhone 7 colour, however. It scratches more easily, with Apple noting that the model “may show fine micro-abrasions with use.”

iPhone 7 Goldiphone_7_gold_colours

Gold gets a bit of a bad rap, and yes: it is a little flashy, but if you’re spending over £500 on some hardware, then there’s probably nothing wrong with showing it off a little bit,

Like the Rose Gold model, the antenna lines show up quite a bit though, if you see that as a problem.

iPhone 7 Silveriphone_7_silver_colours

Silver, despite being hugely flashy too, doesn’t get half as bad a rap as gold. I can only assume that’s because it means “second place” in the Olympics, and buying a “second place” phone must imply a certain amount of humility, right?

Not much to say about this, other than to note that the antenna lines are virtually invisible, and that it will match your old MacBook nicely if you have one. That’s probably worth something to someone, somewhere.

iPhone 7 Blackiphone_7_black_colours

Some people just like their smartphones plain, and that’s what the black iPhone 7 will do. No frills, just a stylish, timeless phone that won’t go out of style.

Even the Apple on the back of the device is darker than normal. It really is quite snazzy.

iPhone 7 Rose Goldiphone_7_rose_gold_colours

By far the most colourful of the iPhone 7s is the Rose Gold edition. Although pictures make it look quite pink, in person it’s a little bit more subtle, offering a softer edge to your handset.

This outlines the white antenna lines quite clearly, which isn’t actually a good or a bad thing – but given they’re pretty much invisible on the silver model, it’s worth highlighting all the same.


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