Is the iPhone XL Apple’s secret weapon for 2018?

Ever looked at an iPhone X and thought “this screen just isn’t big enough?” Apple’s iPhone X edge-to-edge display already boasts a 5.8in face, but rumours of an iPhone XL coming in 2018 suggest something bigger is on the way.

Is the iPhone XL Apple’s secret weapon for 2018?

The iPhone X already has an extra 0.3in over the already chunky 5.5in iPhone 8 Plus. However, if that extra bit of screen just doesn’t satisfy you, the rumoured iPhone XL could be packing 6.5in of OLED display for you to gaze longingly at.

It’s believed Apple is eyeing up a huge 6.5in display as the Korean Herald reports that LG will be providing shipments of OLED panels for an upcoming iPhone XL in late 2018. Samsung currently provides the OLED panels for the iPhone X meaning that, if this rumour is confirmed, Apple may have cut ties with one South Korean giant in favour of another.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumours around LG and Apple working together on an iPhone, nor that there’s a larger iPhone X on the way. Back in November, it was reported that Apple was thinking of releasing two new iPhone X models in 2018, with rumours suggesting Apple was prepared to pay LG $2.7bn (£1.9bn) for an OLED production line exclusively for iPhone screens. In December, it looked likely that this deal was going to go ahead.

Today we still don’t have an official word from LG or Apple about the deal, but last month the company stated that it would make an announcement on any deal in a month’s time. In just a few more days, a month will have passed since LG’s initial statement, so expect some news on the matter then.

It’s believed that Apple will use 2018 to announce three new iPhones, with the original X coming in two flavours alongside this newly named iPhone XL. The new iPhone X will still sport a 5.5in OLED display provided by Samsung, and a 6.5in OLED-screened iPhone XL will use a display provided by LG.


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AppleInsider states that a third model is slated to be a lower-cost iPhone X model utilising a 6.1in TFT-LCD display. It’s unclear who will provide the display for this sub-£1,000 iPhone X, but as it’s using the same screen technology as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, it’s likely to be Apple’s usual display provider. It’s believed this model will retail at a price point of $650 to $750 (£480 – £550), placing it at around the same price as a standard iPhone.

All three models are believed to eschew the home button and Touch ID in favour of Face ID and the new swipe up to go home feature.

You can read more about what this 6.1in iPhone could be over in our iPhone 11 hub.

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