Apple Watch burns Danish man’s wrist

Here’s an interesting one for you. An elderly man in Denmark is claiming his Apple Watch overheated to such a degree that it ended up burning his wrist badly and scarring him (see picture).

Apple Watch burns Danish man’s wrist

Let that sink in.

Yep. It’s pretty outrageous. Why did he let the watch get so hot that it effectively cooked his flesh before he decided to act and remove the watch – and take a photo.

Jãrgen Mouritzen says the strap surged with power and started burning his skin.

“I could smell the burning flesh. And the strap was so hot that, as I scrambled to try and pull it off my arm, I even burnt my fingers. There was nothing else around that could have heated the strap up other than the watch, but Apple has still not given me any explanation.”

Apple has responded and examined the watch in question, but found no evidence that the watch, and specifically the strap – which has no electrical parts – was faulty.


(Image Credit: Ekstra Bladet)

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