CBS All Access Keeps Pausing – What to Do?

Want to stream your favorites like NCIS, Star Trek, or The American President? CBS All Access has got you covered. The on-demand and live streaming service has amassed quite an audience since it started competing against services like Netflix and Hulu.

CBS All Access Keeps Pausing – What to Do?

With a massive amount of content to choose from, you can enjoy CBS All Access for thousands of hours. But how much of your experience will be smooth?

While many subscribers don’t have any issues with CBS All Access, some often encounter an annoying problem – frequent lagging and buffering.

Luckily, you might be able to fix this issue pretty easily. But before we get into the solution, let’s see why these lags happen in the first place.

Bothered by Lagging? You’re Not the Only One

Back in 2017, when Star Trek: Discovery debuted, CBS All Access users couldn’t wait to stream the show. Fans of the service’s flagship series rushed to enjoy the latest episode. Sadly, this wasn’t possible for everyone.

As one of CBS’ reps said:

“A small number of CBS All Access users experienced problems with buffering last night due to technical issues with one of our delivery partners. We worked closely with them to resolve the issue.”

Now, this tells us two things. Firstly, that you’re far from the only one suffering from lag issues. And secondly, it’s not CBS’ platform that causes buffering issues, but their content delivery network. And if CDNs are experiencing technical issues, there’s not much that you can do about it.

Still, there can be other reasons why your content keeps pausing. Luckily, each of them has a quick fix.

CBS All Access

Check Your Internet Connection

The most common reason for slow streaming is a poor internet connection. And different streaming services have different ways of dealing with it. Some services lower the video quality automatically if your connection isn’t strong enough. Others pause the video until it buffers enough to continue.

In any case, you don’t want to have your favorite movies or shows paused a bunch of times. Nor do you want blurry, pixelated content. The first thing that you should do if this happens is to check your internet speed.

You can use an online speed test or download an app to see how fast your internet is. CBS requires a download speed of at least 3 Mbps for a smooth streaming experience.

Speed test

If your connection is above this point, and you’re still facing lags, reset your router and try playing the video again. If the reason behind the buffering really is your connection, this should fix the problem.

Restart the Service

If you’re having any trouble with CBS All Access, the good-old restart method should do the trick. After all, there’s a reason why this is the most commonly recommended fix for software bugs and issues. By refreshing the platform, you might deal with the streaming issues in no time.

If you’re using a browser to stream shows, close it by clicking on the red X button. On a PC, you can also use the Alt + F4 shortcut, which is the equivalent of Command + Q on a Mac.

And if you’re using a smartphone app, make sure that it’s not working in the background before you reopen it. On an iPhone X or newer, you can do this by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and pausing halfway. When you see CBS All Access on the list of recent apps, swipe it up to close it. On older iPhones, you can access recently used apps by double-tapping the home button.

Restart CBS

If you’re using an Android smartphone, the way to close background apps can depend on the model. For example, new Samsung Galaxy models have a dedicated Recent Apps icon at the bottom-left part of the screen. Tap the icon, and then swipe the CBS’ app up to close it. The same button on other Android devices often looks like a square, and you can use the physical home button if your phone has one.

Once you’ve closed the app, wait for a few moments, and then open it again. If the buffering issue was caused by the problems within the platform, your video should play smoothly after the restart.

Enjoy Your Favorites

CBS is jam-packed with exciting movies and TV shows. There are hours upon hours of content to stream, including some of the world’s most-loved series. By following the steps outlined here, you should be able to enjoy all of them without annoying lags.

As long as there are no issues with CBS’ content delivery network, the above methods should do the trick. And if the problem is beyond your reach, you can always contact CBS for help. Their help team is active on Twitter, and they should be able to assist you.

So, what are you streaming on CBS All Access? Are you encountering any issues? Go ahead and post your thoughts in the comments section below.

30 thoughts on “CBS All Access Keeps Pausing – What to Do?”

Krystal mooningham says:
Same issues with roku. Done everything you said to do and still does it.
Mark says:
Also with a 150 mbps connection. I’m using Chromecast but experiencing many of the same issues. I’m streaming from a laptop using on Google Chrome, since I need to purchase a new phone. I have absolutely no issues with Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, or any other streaming service. In fact, I have no issues with CBS All-Access movie or TV show selections, just the LIVE TV option. This has only recently begun but it doesn’t seem to matter what time of day. It’s mostly a choppy audio issue but the video will occasionally also freeze and then jump forward.
Ed says:
we have decent internet service around 50 Mbps and the video plays fine. The audio sucks…. every 10 to 20 sec it skips a few words. like a bad case of the hiccups.
It is very frustrating.
Matt says:
Amazon Fire Cube: spinning buffering wheel on CBS All Access– all other apps work fine. On another TV, using an Apple TV, no buffering problems. I reinstalled the app. It didn’t fix the problem. It seems an issue with the Fire cube and perhaps some other devices. My guess is a codec problem or the controller of stream quality that will not adjust to changes in bandwidth as it should.
David May says:
Don’t even want to reply as I’m so frustrated. So, I’ll just say ditto for those that have a firestick. I’ve written to to tell them and asked for suggestions, but if course no reply.
Jean Oliver says:
I purchased CBS All Access because Directv had a dispute with Tegna and dropped CBS from its channel line-up. I like to watch CBS This Morning as well as CBS Sunday so I was upset. I have had nothing but problems with the app. It plays for about 20 minutes then I get a blank screen with an error code UPV 1011. I have Amazon firestick for streaming. I have yet to receive a answer from CBS. I think it’s a crying shame that channels that “used” to be free now are getting harder and harder to access, especially for us in rural areas where our cable/internet options are limited. Yes, I will most likely cancel my CBS All Access subscription. Why pay for something that doesn’t work!
Harry Frank says:
I got through Picard ok, but Discovery is impossible. Stutter, buffer, freeze–all with utterly incomprehensible audio.
Lana Maureen Lorenzen says:
I’m trying to watch the 4th season of Young Sheldon. After each ad the show simply freezes. I can go fast forward–it won’t budge.
Averyge Citizen says:
Call for $$ credit for failure to provide proper service. This doesn’t happen with Netflix. The only way to get their attention to fix their issue is when they have to put their hands in their wallet.
I’m having the same problem as everyone else. I read on another website to reinstall the app, so I deleted all data, uninstalled the app and reinstalled with no luck. I don’t know why I keep paying for this service.
Beryl A Keys says:
CBS all Access sucks. It freezes, cuts off, etc and it’s getting worse. I get Hulu, Netflix. YouTube, Amazon Prime etc with no problem. I like to watch the Young and the Restless on CBS. I guess I’m going to have to give it up.
I’m having the same problem, I thought at 1st it was my mesh system so I restarted it. It didn’t help. Like everyone on here all other streaming apps work. The only way CBS is going to fix it is if everyone canceled their subscription, but we know that won’t happen.
Alan Larrabee says:
I went thru the list of comments and it seems that almost everyone is describing the exact same issue I am having, I spent about 3 hrs on YouTube with no interruptions or buffering but, I went on CBS All Access and within a few min all would get is what I call “the spinning wheel of death”, I’m almost at the point of canceling the service all together, it seems they just don’t give a damn.
Brenda says:
I did cancel. Not paying good money to a wealthy conglomerate that gives us a crappy product and could care less about it!
Alan Larrabee says:
Mostly venting, my wife watches in her quilting room and puts up with it so, canceling is no a real solution at this point. I mostly wanted to see if I was one of many or a lone voice in the wilderness.
Brenda says:
I hear you. I was thrilled that I thought I could stream some of my favorite CBS shows using Amazon Fire since I cut the cable cord. Very disappointed.
Seth T. Tolbert says:
No way. I have over 100 mbps, no problems running any other streaming app (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, Hulu, etc) on any platform. I only have a problem with CBS. It doesn’t matter if it’s my computer, the embedded CBSAA app on my LG TV, my phone, my Xbox or my PS4, it will intermittently freeze during commercials. It’s a CBS problem, not a viewer problem. I literally had to restart an episode of Star Trek Discovery a dozen, not an exaggeration: 12 actual times, before it would continue. Ironically it was abbot the crew dealing with a time loop. I did not find the irony funny.
kathleen neely says:
This service locks up on the commercials. I start Star Trek and the first commercial locks up and I restart. I just restarted the app 3 times locks up same place, end of first ad. I’ve turned tv on and off and still does it. eventually I got past the first ad, and at the second ad the same thing happened all over again. I never got past the first add on episode three and just gave up. I’ve tweeted and emailed CBS about this. I’ve not yet been able to get them on the phone.
Tomy says:
Only CBS All Access has issues on my Xbox One. Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN all work fine. All have commercials. CBS app stalls and freezes during commercial playback. 100Mbps.
Tony says:
I have cable modem. 100Mbps. All other streaming on my Xbox one works fine, even the ones with commercials with the exception of CBS All Access. I use Hulu, Disney Plus, ESPN as well as my cable TV provider’s Xbox app. None of these other apps have issues. Only CBS All Access.
Andrew says:
BS. My internet connection is over 200 mbps. No problems with Netflix… Amazon… only CBS. Poor programming and/or poor servers. Have given them a couple years to figure it out but it seems to be getting worse
don says:
i have the same problem with all access. it seems to be really prevalent if i rewind part of an episode to rewatch a portion of the program. he program freezes. when i attempt reboot it plays where it was just before freezing, the freezes at the same location
BoMorger says:
All access CBS is the worst app I have to use. It is really bad on certain programs like Stephen Cobert recently and their own titles like toon news is a piece of crap. Once the stuttering starts using their app it sometimes migrates to others but it usually goes away very shortly. What is wrong with them? These are taped versions of shows and they can’t review them before they air? I’ve checked my connections and I have 300 mbps going into the fire cube and restarts don’t help for long. Not sure what else to do but decide to do, but cancel them and find better ways to find the content. Could CBS all access actually delivery a real app or will it continue to piss off it’s customers? I’m evaluating my options.
Stewed says:
I call BS. No problems with Hulu, Netflix or Prime. Tried the various suggestions and yet it takes 2 hours to watch 1 ST-D episode. Obviously CBS Access sucks. Don’t even get me me started on what a lousy interface it is.
Stephen Weller says:
When everything else works as it should, “reset the device” and “check your internet connection” to resolve stuttering for CBS All Access is just lame advice.
Kerri says:
My CBS All Access on my firecube tv only buffers after I’ve paused it for a few minutes. This doesn’t seem like a big deal but I pause anything that streams all of the time. None of my other services do this. I have to restart the firecube to get it going again. I’m about to cancel it’s so bad.
Lori says:
Had similar issue, kept buffering nothing was working to fix it until we just reinstalled the app. This worked.
Ric & Debbie Walker says:
Netflix works just fine. Amazon Prime works just fine. Shows in CBS Access stutter. But _Commercials_ are just fine. ONLY show stutters. Usually the sound is Ok, but video occilates in and out of time with the audio. Kinda like a Slinky… slow down, speed up, slow down, speed up. Frustrating.
My internet connection is just fine as well.
Aaron says:
Shows seem to work fine. It’s the commercials. It gets down to a few seconds left it gets stuck in a never ending loop. It’s impossible to watch a whole episode. I’m probably going to cancel.
Kristian T Brown says:
Commercial keep freezing and so we can’t watch a full show come on is it doing this on purpose to make us by commercial free?
Brenda says:
I think it’s time to cancel my CBS All Access. My internet speed is just fine and I’ve reset my router. This is happening on both of my TV’s with Amazon Fire. All of my other apps run just fine. CBS is the one collecting our money. It’s their job to fix this.
Nick says:
I’m having the same problem on my Fire TV Cube. All other apps stream fine, but CBS All Access is crazy choppy and unwatchable at times. This started within the last 2 weeks.
Jessica says:
I’m having the exact same issues lagging, going back to menu and saying I need to subscribe. Cannot even watch one show without issues? No other app on my Fire Stick is doing this. Why did I pay extra to CBS for this mess?
Zachary says:
Fire TV, have the same issues. I can watch an episode, maybe two, then lags horribly. No issues with any other apps.
Richard Solomon says:
Do folks who sign up for ” commercial free” service have the same issues ?
Cam Kirmser says:
Same problem, but not with shows on, for example, Amazon Prime.

It can be fixed temporarily by restarting the box, but in an hour or so, the jitters return, like a bad buffering issue.

Not my connection, because other shows work fine; it’s something with CBS All Access.

Gcarrigan says:
Tweetybird says:
I’ve had a problem all week. It’s only my CBS All Access App all my other apps are fine. I have to clear app data then reactivate my device to fix it but it break’s again in under 3 hours. I use firestick just go to apps clear data, no need to uninstall clear data gets the same result, about 3 hours glitch free.
Myles says:
I habe commercial free and no issues at honestly.
Melody says:
I have commercial free and I get the spinning wheel of death constantly. It’s only CBS All Access. No other app freezes. My speeds are 200mbs. This is on them. I’ll be Canceling.
Jim Waters says:
Not working keeps pausing. All other apps working fine Netflix Hulu etc… Just CBS…. Very frustrating… Please fix it.
Delbert Lawson says:
I use fire stick. All programs and apps work great except CBS. The problem is with the CBS service. It needs to be fixed now.
James Fulton says:
I have a similar problem. I have cable, my download speed is 36Mbps. Watching Netflix or CBS All Access shows that are queued/stored are no problem. Its only CBS LIVE that lags every couple minutes, very annoying. I’m trying to watch the local news which is not queued to watch later.
Angie says:
Hulu works & Netflix works but not CBS All Access…..I don’t get it.

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