How to Check Your Net Worth in Game in Dota 2

Dota 2 is a very complex and exciting game. Experienced gamers mostly enjoy Dota’s complex mechanics, but they can be frustrating to the newer players.

How to Check Your Net Worth in Game in Dota 2

Net worth is one of those complicated things. It’s the total gold value of your hero, including the gold you have on you, the gold value of the items in your inventory, and the items you have left with the courier.

We’ll cover it in more detail, alongside all the ways you can check your net worth in Dota, so stick around.

How to Check Net Worth in Dota 2

Currently, there are three ways you can check the net worth of your hero in Dota 2. The most basic method, which existed since the original Dota, is to check your net worth after the game in the post-game screen. Here is how you can do it:

  1. After you’ve played a game of Dota 2, you will see a post-game screen.
    post game net worth
  2. Your post-game screen might look like this. Here you can see the net worth of all the players in the game. It’s the number below a player’s rank and above their K/D/A.
  3. Let’s take Faceless Void from this picture as an example (Radiant side). His total net worth is 19,841.

When Spectating a Game

Spectating games in Dota 2 is fun, and it can be used as a great learning experience. You can watch pro and amateur matches, your replays, or replays of your friends’ games. When viewing a replay, you can easily see the net worth of all players:

  1. Launch Dota 2 and start watching a replay (e.g., Watch>Replays of Friends).
  2. Click on the dropdown spectate menu at the top-left corner of your screen.
    spectate menu
  3. Select the Net Worth category.
  4. You will see the net worth of every player in that match in the top-left corner of your screen, ranging from highest to the lowest.
    net worth spectate

You can choose any of the other parameters as well. K/D/A, gold per minute, and XP per minute are usually more important than the net worth.

Using Dota Plus

Dota Plus is the official premium subscription tool for Dota 2. It has many useful features, which are all aimed at improving the user experience. With Dota Plus, you can track your hero’s progression, you get a personal assistant, and you can participate in weekly tournaments for free.

Right now, Dota Plus costs $4 a month, but extended subscription plans lower its price. Here is how to see your net worth during games, if you are a Dota Plus subscriber:

  1. Launch Dota 2.
  2. Start a game.
  3. Thanks to the upgraded Dota Plus HUD, you will be able to track net worth in real-time.

Besides tracking your stats in real-time, with Dota Plus, you’ll also see the average stats of players in your skill group.

The Importance of Net Worth

Even though your hero’s net worth is relevant, it is not the most crucial stat in Dota 2. Yes, it shows all the gold you accrued in the game, but here is some further explanation. Your net worth is the purchase value of all your items, your entire gold bank, and your items with the courier.

However, consumables don’t count toward your net worth. The courier is a consumable (there can only be one courier per team), and so are healing items and wards. That said, your starting gold will count toward your net worth too.

Your net worth reduces when using consumables, and when you die. Taking all that into account, you can conclude that support players have lower net worth than other players. If a game goes well, the carries should have the highest amount of gold at the end of a match.

Therefore, gold and XP per minute are more reliable stats when determining a player’s impact on the match. K/D/A is also not the most reliable stat, especially for supports.

Get Better at Dota

Net worth shouldn’t be your only focus, but it can be useful. There are other, more important stats to measure your hero’s progress, depending on its role in the match.

What’s the most gold you had in a match? What about your K/D/A? Join the discussion below in the comments section.

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