18 Secret Websites

Discovering a brilliant new website is like hearing a great band for the first time: you simply have to tell someone else about it. After months of trawling the web, ransacking our bookmarks folders, and considerable deliberation, Alphr has 18 superb websites to share with you.

18 Secret Websites

These aren’t the well-known click magnets that traditionally top favorite website lists. You won’t find our selection advertised on prime-time television. Our list consists of hidden gems without the multimillion marketing budgets; the lesser-known but no less worthy websites that you might not have come across before. Each has been handpicked by a member of the team.

Why have we chosen to shine the spotlight on the web’s unheralded talents? Because, despite the emergence of thousands of new sites every day, people are increasingly sticking to familiar favorites. Considering that Google currently tracks more than 600 million web pages, the average person’s monthly surfing makes the needle in the haystack look enormous.


There are so many news sources out there you’re not likely to get the whole truth, nor are you likely to see every story that interests you. These news sources originate in various countries, are not well-known, and are excellent resources for those who prefer to stay up on current events.


If you’re interested in climate change, social uprisings, and politics, then globalissues.org is perfect for you. The site is run entirely by one man, Anup Shah, who began reporting Global news because the mainstream media doesn’t properly portray global issues.

The Cipher Brief

This website was created by a former CNN Intelligence Correspondent, Suzanne Kelly. The Cipher Brief aims to provide the public with up-to-date information and news about the global security environment.

Vote Smart

In the days of increasing political awareness, it can be challenging to keep up with your district’s elected officials. That’s why Vote Smart is one you should definitely save to your Favorite bar. Type the name of your elected officials into the search bar to reveal their complete voting history.

You can also see the person’s biography, funding, speeches, and so much more. The site is free to use, but you can also donate if you want to support the site.

Climate Action Tracker

If you’re looking for a site to keep up with climate change information, check out climateactiontracker.org. This website shows you a comprehensive global analysis of climate change action per country.

You can use this website to get a full view of policies, emissions, and other key factors that impact climate change, as well as future predictions based on current findings.


For those who are serious about their art (or someone else’s), there are plenty of excellent sites out there to keep you updated and informed.

ArtNet News

Artnet news was initially founded in 1995 as an art auction site. It now hosts news articles all about the art scene. If you’re looking for a great place to keep up with current art trends, this is your site.


Artcyclopedia is a website that showcases high-quality art. This art is definitely museum-worthy. Artists and art fans alike can enjoy this little-known database.

Reference & Search

The internet is full of information but knowing where or how to find the information can be a little tricky outside of Google. So, if you’re looking for a place to do research, or you’re looking for a better search engine, try some of these options.

The Wayback Machine

Have you ever wondered when the last time a webpage was updated? How about what it said before it was updated? If you want to travel to the internet past, use the Wayback Machine. An online archive of websites, this site can be used for fun or become a conspiracy theorist’s best friend.


Ok, so this one is becoming more and more popular, but for those who don’t already know, DuckDuckGo is a search engine website that is similar to Google. The significant difference with DuckDuckGo is that it does not store nor does it track your digital footprints.


Similar to DuckDuckGo, Qwant is a search engine based in Europe but available in North America too. Focusing on accurate search results while protecting user privacy makes this an excellent resource for anyone on the internet today!


Online shopping is pretty much the only way to shop in 2022. If you’ve ever wondered whether a price increased on a product just for the season, or you’re shopping around, camelcamelcamel is a simple website that will help you save money!

A Good Movie To Watch

Another lesser-known website that is tremendously helpful is A Good Movie to Watch. We spend so much wasted time scrolling through various streaming services and TV guides that there’s hardly any time left to enjoy a movie or TV show. Fortunately, this website provides the perfect solution. The website will show you lists of movies and shows, as well as where to watch them.


You may be a teacher, professor, or student, but you may not know about these online resources. For anyone in the academic field, here are some must-have websites that aren’t well known.

Purdue Owl

Purdue Owl is a one-stop shop for anything related to writing resources. Whether you’re trying to become a better writer or learn proper APA or MLA formats, the Purdue Owl site is consistently updated with the latest information and even offers writing tutorials.


Although many scholars may not appreciate this one, CiteFast is an excellent resource for anyone who needs to perfect APA or MLA citations. Checking your work here doesn’t require a subscription or any payment information, making this site even better.


Sparknotes is an online library, but instead of books, you get cliff notes and chapter-by-chapter breakdowns of popular literature. If you didn’t take the time to read your assigned book, or you’re interested in some of the greatest literary masterpieces but have yet to read some, this is an excellent website for you.


Everyone needs a little extra help with math every once in a while. One common issue with Math helper sites is that they don’t help with everything. We like MathWay because it can help you with math problems ranging from basic Algebra all the way up to Calculus. Simply input the problem and get the answer. This is an excellent tool for checking your Math homework or quickly finding an answer that you need.

Utility Sites

When we say “Utility Sites,” we mean websites that you can use to perform a task. As opposed to the other sites we’ve listed, which are more for reading, these utility sites can serve to make your job and your life easier.


You really don’t have to be a complete tech wizard to compress files, convert word docs into PDFs, and more. Even tech-savvy people will love the available tools for their ease of use. TinyWow is fast, reliable, and you don’t have to sign up for any sketchy subscriptions.


Privnote is an online tool that allows users to send notes to their recipients’ email. But how is this different? Your notes will self-destruct after a preset time, and you’ll even get a notification when it’s done.


Another useful online tool, users can input nearly any file format and convert it to another. Zamzar is a simple online tool that is incredibly powerful.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy these websites, you can add them to your bookmarks, favorites, or even an app on your mobile device. Whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or a smartphone adding these websites to your favorites or as a bookmark is a perfect way to reference any of the information you’re looking for quickly.

There are so many lesser-known websites on the internet today it’s difficult to keep up with all of them! If you use a website you’d like to tell us about, comment below!

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not effect our editorial in any way.

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