How to Get More Storage on a PlayStation 5

Adding more storage space on PlayStation helps you cope with modern game sizes. Today’s games are bigger than before and take up a lot of space on the PS consoles. The 1TB on the PS5 or 500GB on PS4 is hardly enough. For elevated gameplay and more room for games, you need to upgrade your storage.

How to Get More Storage on a PlayStation 5

This article covers how you can get more space by freeing up or upgrading storage.

How to Free Up Some Space

You can get more storage on a PlayStation console by deleting videos, applications, games, and all sorts of data. You may also invest in a bigger disk.

Delete Applications and Games

This is the first method that you can try out. Having too many games on your PS could be causing the space issue. If there are games you no longer wish to play, you can delete them to free up space.

  1. Navigate to “Settings.”
  2. Go to “Storage.”
  3. Select “Games and apps.” This allows you to see the space that each game is taking up.
  4. Pick the game you no longer need and select “Options.”
  5. Select “Delete” on the resulting menu.
  6. Press “OK” to confirm your action and complete deletion. You can repeat the steps if you want to delete more games.

If you no longer need themes, you can delete them as well, as they also take up some space on your PlayStation. Do so by opening the “Storage” window and then “Theme.” Click “Remove Themes.”

Delete the Game Files and Data

Following the above steps doesn’t delete any saved game settings or data. This can be used when you want the game reinstalled. Most people don’t think of the files left behind after deleting a game, but they take up lots of space and limit the storage available. Consider deleting them if you don’t think you’ll replay the games anytime soon.

Note: If you intend to reinstall a game in the future, consider backing up the files first.

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu in the game’s main interface.
  2. Choose “Saved Data.”
  3. Select “Console Storage.”
  4. On the saved data window, select “Delete.”
  5. Check the box next to the files you intend to delete.
  6. Choose “Delete.”
  7. Choose “OK” to confirm the deletion.

Delete Any Game/Trophy Videos

Most gamers love sharing progress or highlights as they play video games. If you are one of them, you may have saved some game videos to share on social platforms like YouTube or Facebook. When too many videos are saved on the PS, they occupy space. Delete them to have some more room for games.

  1. On the home screen, choose your profile.
  2. Choose “Trophies.”
  3. Select the game followed by “Options.”
  4. Click “Delete.”

Upgrade to a Much Larger SSD

Choosing this method allows you to expand PlayStation storage with a bigger SSD. This also allows speedier access. The process involves taking the console apart (partly), and it may take a while to swap out the SSDs. However, you need to choose the right drive before you start.

While adding external storage to PS5 is possible, it’s not the best option. You may encounter performance issues related to drives and connection speeds. It is better to add space by adding SSD to the SSD slot, which is built in and empty. This can help tackle the limited storage issues.

Installing SSD on PlayStation 5

To successfully install an SSD to your PS5, you need certain supplies. Sony requires a very specific SSD. You need to get a PCle 4.0 M.2 SSD with a heat sink. All the companies that make the SSDs will have something advertised specifically for PS5, making it much easier to find and purchase one. These SSDs are available with different storage capacities. You can add anything between 500GB and 4TB.

The other item needed for installation is a Phillips head screwdriver (#1). The steps you’ll need to complete the installation are straightforward, even for someone who has never installed an SSD before.

Step 1 – Remove the PS5 Back Cover

It’s important to take precautions. Before removing the cover, ensure all cables are unplugged from the device. This includes the HDMI and the power cables. Lay the console flat on a table upside down so the PS logo faces down. The console’s rear should be facing up. Take precautions by checking the surface first to avoid scratches.

Accessing the SSD slot means removing the back cover. Since the back is already facing you, lift the front right corner up and then slide it towards the left side. This should successfully remove the panel.

Step 2 – Remove the Cover of the PS5 Expansion Slot

When you remove the panel, you can only see a fan and the expansion slot cover close to the housing top. To make it easier, ensure the SSD slot is closer to you.

The cover is held in place using one screw. Unscrew it and place it somewhere safe. The screw has PlayStation icons, so you can’t miss it.

Step 3 – Work on the Spacer and the Screw in the SSD Housing

After removing the expansion slot, you need to remove the screw and spacer on the SSD housing. These are close to the end of the housing.

Within the SSD housing, you will notice holes that correspond with the different SSD card lengths. Take your SSD card and take a look to figure out where it is supposed to be installed.

At this point, place the space over the hole meant for the SSD. It’s held by three dots meaning you need not worry about its staying in place or a perfect alignment.

Step 4 – Insert Your SSD and Replace the Mounting Screw

The SSD needs to slide correctly into the connector and be locked in place. You will feel it when this happens. Take the previously removed mounting screw and place it back. Tighten the screw to ensure the SSD is held down in place.

Take the expansion slot cover and place it in its rightful position using the screw included. Cover the PS5 as it was initially. Connect back the cables that you had previously disconnected.

Step 5 – Format the SSD

When you turn on the console after successfully installing the SSD, you will get a notification to format your drive. This does not take long and should complete in seconds after selecting “Format drive.”

SSD formatting should not be an issue if it is new and meant solely for the PS5 console. However, if the SSD is being repurposed, it could contain important files. Before formatting the device, you should transfer the files to keep the data safe.

Once the formatting is complete, games can be moved between the new and internal SSD. You will have successfully expanded storage on your PlayStation.

Up Your Game With Extra PlayStation Storage

If you love gaming, you understand how important space is, especially on a PlayStation console. With the games getting bigger and better, PlayStation users need more storage space to enjoy games and their requisite save data. The above options give you more flexibility allowing you to create room and add disk space according to your preference.

Have you ever run out of space on PlayStation? How did you add extra room? Let us know in the comments section below.

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