Microsoft wants you to watch the NFL Super Bowl on the HoloLens

The Microsoft HoloLens allows wearers to overlay graphics and information over the real-world. The headset been tipped for use in everything from education to car dealerships, but Microsoft thinks it will also transform how we watch the Super Bowl and other sports.  

In a video released this week, Microsoft set out its vision for a HoloLens-powered Super Bowl – and it looks awesome. The AR headset is shown effectively increasing the screen size of existing TVs, but it also shows off a range of more impressive functions. Statistics, a huge part of American football, are displayed Minority Report-style around the room, while virtual players are even projected into fans’ living rooms.


However, the most impressive features shown are probably the virtual drive illustrations and next-gen VR replays. In the video, the HoloLens is able to project an entire stadium onto any tabletop or surface and show the progress of each team in clear, intuitive detail. What’s more, virtual replays with floating annotations also make it significantly easier to understand what’s going on.

Microsoft could kill the second screen

As an NFL fan, I often use more than one screen to follow games. While live coverage is good, certain aspects such as stats, replays and other information are best shown through a smartphone – and that’s why Microsoft’s vision is so exciting. When using an AR headset, wearers won’t have to look at a second screen because the headset will put all the information they could want at their fingertips. The result? The experience is clearer, more intuitive and gives an even deeper insight into the sport.

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