How To Reset Password On iPhone 10 When Locked Out

You can reset your iPhone 10 password when locked out by treading the following steps below in this guide.

How To Reset Password On iPhone 10 When Locked Out

If you find yourself locked out on your iPhone 10 and no longer remember the password, getting on your phone again can be hell. There are numerous ways to resolve this and we will help you regain access again in the following article. The first option you have to regain access is by doing a hard factory reset but this will remove all your current data. If you haven’t made a backup this choice will not be the best.

You can get back on your phone with some other options that don’t require a hard factory reset. We will mention those below as well as the hard reset options below.

Different Methods to Erase Your iPhone 10

If you haven’t done a backup on your iPhone 10 then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your saved files and data now you’re locked out. You may find the only method to get back into your iPhone 10 is a hard reset.

This could mean you’ll lose the files and photos on your device. Here are the methods you can use to reset your device.

  • If your iPhone 10 is synced to iTunes, you can perform the iTunes method.
  • If the iPhone 10 is signed into Find my iPhone or the iCloud account, then you can use this method.
  • Finally, your last option is to use the recovery mode if you aren’t synced to iTunes or iCloud.

Erase with iCloud

  1. Start, by going to on another device
  2. Then you will need to sign in with your Apple ID when asked
  3. You should then select the “All Devices” which is to the top of the page
  4. Now Select your iPhone 10 that needs resetting
  5. Next, select the Erase (your device name) option. This is going to reset your device and remove the passcode
  6. Finally, restore the iPhone 10 from a backup or Link the iPhone to set up as new

If your iPhone 10 is no longer connecting to the network, then you won’t be able to use this method. You will have to alternatively use your home or work address and connect to the network automatically.

Erase with iTunes

  1. Start by having your iPhone 10 connected to a Mac or PC
  2. Then open up iTunes from the Mac/Pc and enter your passcode if asked. You could also connect to a computer you are synced with
  3. You will then have to wait for iTunes to finish syncing with your iPhone 10 and when done click to make a backup
  4. When the backup is done and synced, click on Restore [your device]
  5. Once the setup screen appears on your device, tap the Restore from iTunes backup option
  6. Finally, tap to select your iPhone 10 in iTunes and then pick your most recent backup

Erase with Recovery Mode

If you can’t access either iCloud or iTunes then you will need to use the recovery mode. The recovery mode will wipe all your data. If you have never done a backup on your iPhone 10 then you will lose your data but this is the only method you have to gain access to your device again. Use the steps below to regain access to your iPhone 10:

  1. Start by connecting your iPhone 10 to a Mac or PC and open iTunes
  2. You will then need to force restart your iPhone 10 by holding down the home button and power for a total of 10 seconds and continue to hold them until the Apple screen. You can let go when you see the recovery screen
  3. Finally, use the restore and update option to tap on the update. iTunes will then restart your iPhone 10 iOS without a password or erasing any data. Most of the time, your data will be erased when doing this

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