How to Set Up an Intruder Alert on Alexa

Although some people think that Alexa Intruder Alert is an excellent source of inspiration for making jokes and memes, it is a useful feature. Intruder alert seems like something out of a sci-fi movie, and it’s a small revolution when it comes to our safety.

How to Set Up an Intruder Alert on Alexa

This feature is a huge step forward when it comes to the safety of your family. We’ll show you how to set up Intruder alert so you can scare away unwelcome visitors.

Setting Up Intruder Alert

You can set up intruder alert easily, and in a couple of seconds. You should do it through the Alexa app; it works the same as any other routine. The biggest downside is that this won’t work when you’re not at home because it is a voice-activated alert. You turn it on with a specific phrase.

It means that you have to be aware that someone’s in the house to activate the alarm. Let’s get to it.

  1. Enter the Alexa app and open the Menu.
  2. Tap on the Routines.
  3. Add a new routine by tapping or clicking the Plus icon.
  4. Now write the phrase that you’d like to trigger this routine. For example, you can write, “Alexa, intruder alert,” Or something similar.
  5. Now it’s time to add the action you’d like Alexa to do.
  6. Go to the Smart home and select the options that you’d like to use.
  7. You can even set a phrase you’d like it to say. Something like “Get out of my house!” seems appropriate.
  8. Tap on the Save button.

One of the best things about Intruder alert is that it’s highly customizable. You get to choose the actions you’d like Alexa to perform. You can make it turn the lights on, make specific sounds, etc. If you want to scare someone away, you can set it to turn the lights on and off every couple of seconds.

set up an intruder alert on alexa

You can also make Alexa play loud music or say anything you want. Everything depends on the effect you’d like to achieve, so it’s essential to choose something that you think could work well.

Maybe you’ve seen a video of Alexa saying: I’m going to call the police! That’s possible too. However, be aware that the device is just going to say the phrase, but it won’t call the police. Nonetheless, this phrase is usually enough to scare potential burglars away.

One more thing: If you have kids, you may have to get ready for a particular situation. If they see any meme about Alexa intruder alert, they might want to try it at home.

Therefore, we suggest you allow them to play with it a couple of times. When they see how it works, it won’t be challenging for them anymore, and they’ll eventually stop.

how to set up intruder alert on alexa

Alexa Guard Mode

If you’d like your home to stay protected when no one is there, we suggest you activate the Alexa Guard mode. You’ll need Amazon Echo speakers for his because they can detect sounds, such as window breaking. Amazon Echo speakers can be an excellent home security system if you can connect them with your smartphone.

You can set which sounds you would like them to monitor. It can be anything, from steps to knocking, or breaking things. If you have a smart house, you can link Echo speakers to other devices, which means they can turn on the lights automatically or start making weird sounds.

Your Echo speakers can still help you even if you don’t have a smart home. Connect them with your smartphone, and they’ll send you an urgent notification as soon as they pick up anything suspicious. You can then come home or call your neighbors and ask them to check the situation. You can also call the police so they’ll be there even before you come back.

When you want to turn on Alexa guard mode, all you have to do is say, “Alexa, I am leaving.” From that moment on, the smart system will be monitoring your home.

Stay Safe

Nowadays, we can protect ourselves and our families without having to invest in expensive security systems. We encourage you to set up an intruder alert as soon as possible if you think that someone might want to break into your home. Activating the Guard mode might also be a good idea.

Have you already tried the Intruder alert? Did you find it useful? Is that anything you’d like to improve if you had a chance? Give us your two cents in the comments section below.

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