How to Get Nine Tails in Shindo Life

Like many similar games, Shindo Life uses a system of bosses to make your character earn experience and progress to higher levels. Previously known as Shinobi Life 2, its game mechanics are inspired by Naruto stories. One of the most formidable opponents in this Japanese manga series is the nine-tailed fox called Kurama, or ’Nine Tails’ for short.

How to Get Nine Tails in Shindo Life

In order to achieve special skills to help you advance your character even further, you’ll have to face the powerful and gigantic Nine Tails. Regardless of the skill level you’re at, this encounter is pretty difficult, so check the section below to learn how to do it.

First Thing’s First

Before you even start thinking about facing Nine Tails, make sure your character level is high enough. A decent rule of thumb is that you need to be at level 500 and above. That way, you’re able to use some of the more powerful skills, which you’ll definitely need for this encounter.

Another thing to consider before going on this adventure, is bringing a couple of friends to help you along. The ideal number is three, since, once you defeat Nine Tails it will leave only three scrolls to loot. By obtaining one of the scrolls, you get an opportunity to buy the Nine Tails sub-skill. Although this upgrade is a costly one, paying one million Ryo is definitely money well spent in this case.

Of course, you can take an army of players with you, but once you overcome Nine Tails, only three of you will be able to benefit from the fight. This is perfectly fine if you have friends who have already got their Nine Tails skill and want to tag along for the fight, so they can help you out.

Shinobi Life 2 - Get Nine Tails

Finding Nine Tails

Considering you’re at a high enough level and have your friends with you, it’s time to head to Nine Tails’ location. You can find it in the Leaf village, in a blue clearing surrounded by tall cliffs. Just make sure you’re there on time.

Shinobi Life 2 How to Get Nine Tails

To provide all players with an equal opportunity to advance in the game, the developers created an interesting system to spawn the boss. To face Nine Tails, you should reach the right location just in time when your opponent appears. If not, you’re risking another group attacking it before you do.

Just like the other bosses in the game, Nine Tails has its own working hours too. To catch it in the Leaf village, be there at 6:10 AM or PM, Eastern Standard Time (New York). Using both AM and PM indicates that Nine Tails spawns twice a day or rather every 12 hours at that same time. Of course, just make sure to convert this time to your local hours, so you get it right.

It’s also worth pointing out that Nine Tails also has a de-spawn time of 11 minutes. That means it will disappear from its location at 6:22 (AM or PM) EST if you don’t attack it. This game mechanic applies to all other spirits too, although some of them have different de-spawn times from the rest.

Fighting Nine Tails

Now that you know what it takes to even think about fighting Nine Tails, as well as where to find it, it’s time to prepare for the showdown. To do so, you’ll have to make sure you have a certain set of skills that can be useful in the upcoming fight.

First of all, there are three essential Kekkei Genkai powers you should focus on:

  1. Lava
  2. Kaijin
  3. Iron Sand

Lava powers are great for hitting large areas with your attacks. There are three different lava styles available – Lava Breath, Pillar Burst and Burning Floor. Out of these three, you should focus on Pillar Burst, as this is not a one shot, one hit attack. Instead, once you release the burning pillars, they’ll stay there for a while, bringing damage to their target until they dissipate. Just pay attention to the downside of this power, as it blocks your other skills and powers for a couple of seconds, right after the attack.

The Kaijin bloodline provides for large explosion attacks and a pretty powerful knockback. Here, you can select the Burning Breath option to create multiple clouds of ash, which damage the enemy and push them back at the same time. This is an ideal tool for preventing Nine Tails to bite you up close.

As far as Iron Sand power is concerned, you can choose the Iron Fists mode as another area control attack. Besides its powerful attack, this mode will keep Nine Tails in place, nullifying the knockback coming from the Kaijin bloodline. This way, you can send area attacks at the beast, making sure it stays there to take the full brunt of the damage you deal.

Shinobi Life 2 - Nine Tails

For a ninja weapon, choose Triple Cobalt Blade. It allows you to call forth three powerful spikes to pierce up from the ground and hit your target. These can reach up to 16,000 points of damage to your opponent. This allows you to attack multiple enemies at once, thanks to the large area the spikes cover. It goes without saying that this is probably the best way to fight a spirit as huge as Nine Tails.

Nine Tails Under Your Belt

Hopefully, this article helped you learn how to defeat Nine Tails and get that special skill for your character. As you can see, it takes a great deal of preparation to win this fight. Regardless, if you have the right teammates at your side, and a set of powerful attack skills at your disposal, you’ll definitely come out victorious.

Have you managed to defeat Nine Tails? Which level were you on when you did so? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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