How to Add an Image to a PDF in Preview on a Mac

The Preview app is a robust method to view PDF files on a Mac. But it still lacks basic features when it comes to editing those same PDFs. Even though it lets you edit your file to some degree, it doesn’t offer the functionality to insert an image.

How to Add an Image to a PDF in Preview on a Mac

If you’re still struggling with this task, don’t worry. This article shares how to add images to any PDF using the Preview app with a fun workaround.

How to Add an Image to a PDF Preview on a Mac

The Preview app doesn’t officially let users add images to a PDF document. However, this doesn’t mean that doing so is impossible. There’s a fun way to get around this, but remember that it’s only meant to help you add an image to your PDF. Note that you shouldn’t use the instructions below to add signature images.

Just follow the steps below, and you’ll be good to go.

Locating the Image

  1. Open the Finder on your Mac.
  2. Look for the folder that has the image you wish to add to the PDF file.
  3. Right-click on the image and select “Open With,” then “Preview.”

Manipulating the Image

Now that you’ve selected the image you wish to add, the next steps are all about getting that image in the right format so that you can add it to the PDF.

  1. Open the image in Preview.
  2. Hit “Command” + “A” on the keyboard. This shortcut will let you select the area from the image you want to attach to the PDF.

  3. Press “Command” + “C” to copy the selected part of the image.
  4. Hit “Command” + “V” to paste the picture you just copied. The new copy will replace the original image.

Although this method is slightly weird, it’s the only way that you can prepare an image to attach it to a PDF file using the Preview app. Regardless of the fact that both images are the same, the other image that you pasted will transform into an object you can add to your PDF, and that’s all that matters!

Once you’re done with this part, proceed to the next steps to finally copy the image into your document.

Copy the Image Into the PDF

  1. Press “Command” + “C” to copy the image you just created in Preview.

  2. Shut down the “Preview” window. You can find the newly cut image object in the Mac clipboard.
  3. Open the PDF document as you normally would through Preview.
  4. Head to the section where you want to add an image to the PDF.
  5. Paste the image by pressing “Command” + “V” on your keyboard.
  6. Resize the picture using the handles at the edge of the image.

There you go! You have now added an image to your PDF document using the Preview app. You don’t need to save your work, given that the software will do so automatically.

Limitations of Adding an Image to a PDF in Preview

You have just read the steps needed to insert an image into a PDF document using Preview on a Mac. If you simply go over these steps in your head, you’ll realize that they’re quite time-consuming.

However, if you only need to insert a single image in Preview, the method won’t take longer than five minutes. Adding images to every page in a large PDF document, on the other hand, would take significantly longer. This is the main limitation of this method. Ideally, Preview would have “Add Image” functionality to let you complete the task in a second.

Another downside of this method is the complexity of the work you have to do with your keyboard. Inexperienced users unfamiliar with Mac keyboard shortcuts may feel lost at some point in the process. If adding an image to a PDF file is important to you, and you can only count on Preview, follow the steps above and take your time. As a backup, you can make a copy of the image you want to add to the PDF file and work with it.

Adding an Image to a PDF File in Preview – Revealed

If you’ve been using the Preview app to load PDF files, you’ll certainly be aware of its limitations when it comes to adding images. But if you’re patient enough, you can add a picture to a PDF document anywhere you want. Until the app developers come up with a more straightforward method of doing so, you’ll have to stick to the information provided in this article.

Have you ever added multiple images to a PDF file on a Mac? Other than adding PDF document images, what other features would you like Preview to have in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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