How to Watch Credits after Show or Movie on Apple TV

Apple TV has been quite popular among the Apple community. Some of the most popular series in the past few years have been aired on this platform. But what happens if you want to watch credits to find the name of an actor from your favorite show?

How to Watch Credits after Show or Movie on Apple TV

In this article, you’ll find out whether Apple has this feature activated and you can also learn more about Apple TV Plus.

How to Watch the Credits on Apple TV Plus?

Maybe you want to watch the credits to find some information about the show you like. But you notice that Apple TV Plus simply switches to the next episode without showing them. This is Apple’s way of keeping you engaged by quickly starting a new episode.

Many users have been complaining about this issue across the Apple community forum and elsewhere on the internet. However, to this day, there still isn’t an option that lets you watch the episode until the very end – to see the credits.

A few years back, Netflix users managed to convince Netflix to let them watch the credits. At the end of each episode, you’ll now see a “Watch Credits” button next to the “Next Episode” one. If you watch Netflix on Apple TV, you could use this option.

One way that works, that some users have been reporting, is by pressing the menu button on your remote once the overlay with the next episode appears.

Additional FAQs

Here are some more questions to help you better understand Apple TV Plus.

How Do I Get Apple TV Plus for Free?

There are a couple of ways you can watch Apple TV Plus for free. We’re going to cover all of them below.

One Year Free After Purchasing an Apple Device

Have you recently bought a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac? If so, you might be eligible to use Apple TV Plus for one year for free. Here are some terms and conditions that apply:

· Any new Apple device bought after the 10th of September 2019 is eligible. The device needs to be bought either from Apple directly or from an authorized reseller.

· You can’t combine this offer with other Apple TV+ offers (including free trials).

· You can share Apple TV+ with no more than five family members.

· Your device has to run on the latest iOS version.

· You have to claim the offer in the first three months after you set up your device. Just sign in using your Apple ID on the new device.

· You’ll have a one-year free trial, but you have to commit to their $4.99 per month subscription, which will start right after the one-year trial expires. If you cancel during the free year, you’ll lose access to your profile for the remainder of your trial.

Follow the steps below to activate your free one-year trial with Apple TV Plus:

1. Launch the TV app from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, or iPod Touch. Note that they have to be running on the latest version.

2. You should get a prompt to claim your trial automatically. If you don’t receive one, just click on any Apple original show.

3. Click on the “Enjoy one-year free” option. If you haven’t bought a new Apple device, you’ll see this option: “7-Day Free Trial.” Learn more about the 7-day trial in the next section.

4. Click (or tap) “Continue” and “Confirm.”

Here’s another way to claim your free trial:

1. Visit

2. Log in to your account in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Activate the free trial.

Seven-Day Free Trial

If your device is not eligible for a one-year trial, you can still get a seven-day free Apple TV Plus trial. This might be your best option if you want to test out the service.

However, Apple will ask you to insert your credit card details and charge you after the trial period ends. If you only want to go with the trial, set a reminder on its last day so you can cancel on time.

Follow the steps below to activate your free 7-day trial with Apple TV Plus:

1. Launch the TV app from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, or iPod Touch. Note that they have to run on the latest version.

2. Click on any Apple original show.

3. Click on the “7-Day Free Trial” option.

4. Click (or tap) “Continue” and “Confirm.”

Or simply head over to, log into your account, and claim a free trial.

Student’s Apple Music Subscription

This is another great offer but only limited to students. If you use Apple’s student subscription tier, you can watch Apple TV Plus for free. You’re eligible for their students’ plan if you’re a college student in the US, Canada, or Japan.

Apple One Free Month

Another way to get Apple TV Plus for free is if you’re an Apple One user. This is a bundle deal that allows you to use different services under the same bill. All three Apple One plans include Apple TV Plus. They start from $14.95 up to $29.99 a month.

What Is Apple TV Plus?

Apple TV Plus is a streaming service that lets you watch Apple original movies and TV shows. It’s starting to become a competitor to streaming giants such as Netflix, HBO, or Disney. Apple TV Plus doesn’t have a library as big as its competitors.

Still, you can watch some of the award-winning series and documentaries, with new content being uploaded every month. The focus is on Apple’s original series rather than on licensed programming.

There are a couple of options to use this service for free (mentioned above). After your free trial, the subscription plan will cost you $4.99 per month.

What Channels Do You Get With Apple TV?

Apple TV app allows you to buy their Apple Channels’ streaming services and play them directly in the app. The content available for streaming has gotten much bigger than in the initial launching stage. There are around 40 channels available now, and you can start almost all of them with a free trial.

Here are the channels you can get with Apple TV:

Acorn TV, A&E Crime Central, ALLBLK, AMC+, Apple TV+, Arrow Video Channel, Bet+, BFIPlayer Classics, Britbox, CBS All Access, Cinemax, Comedy Central Now, CuriosityStream, Epix, Eros Now Select, Hallmark Movies Now, History Vault, IFC Films Unlimited, Lifetime Movie Club, Moonbug Kids, MTV Hits, Mube, NickHits, Noggin, Out TV, Pantaya, PBS Living, Showtime, Shudder, Smithsonian Channel Plus, Starz, Sundance Now, Tastemade, Topic, Up Faith & Family.

Enjoying Apple TV

Apple has been doing a pretty good job so far with its original series and movie collection. However, there are some downsides. Some users find it quite annoying not being able to watch the credits at the end of a series. Hopefully, Apple will follow the steps of other giant streaming services that allow users to do this now.

What is your favorite Apple TV channel? Do you use Apple TV Plus for free at the moment? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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