How to Buy Credits in Audible

Audible is Amazon’s audiobook and podcast platform that allows you access to a variety of non-music audio content. As part of various membership benefits, Audible Premium Plus users also get free monthly credits – each credit can be used up to one year after the user has received it.

How to Buy Credits in Audible

Credits are used to purchase Audible products. An item will cost a certain amount of money or a single credit. So, how can you get your hands on more credits?

How to Buy Credits on Audible

Credits are a cool thing to have – they usually pay off compared to paying for content at full price, with the exception where the price of an audiobook is lower than a single extra credit. More on this to follow. The most straightforward way to get more credits on Audible is to upgrade to the Premium Plus plan.

Unlike services such as Spotify, Audible doesn’t have a free plan. Even Amazon Prime does not provide free access to Audible. There is an option to try the Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus for 30 days, free of charge, but after the trial period, you won’t be able to use the app.

The basic Audible plan, Audible Plus, costs $7.95 per month, while Audible Premium Plus – 1 Credit will set you back $14.95 and Audible Premium Plus – 2 Credits $22.95. The former doesn’t land you any credits, while the latter subscription gets you a single credit per month. To get credits, you’re going to have to upgrade to the Audible Premium Plus subscription.

Audible allows you to get 12 credits at once if you opt for the Audible Premium Plus Annual – 12 Credits plan at $149.50 per year. This plan will save you 16% when compared to making monthly payments. In addition to being cheaper, the benefit is that you can use the 12 credits whenever you please. If you want more credits, go for the Audible Premium Plus Annual – 24 Credits plan for $229.50 per year.

How to Buy More Credits on Audible

Of course, if you’re an avid audiobook listener, a credit per month or 12 annually may not be sufficient. In this instance, you may want to get some extra credits. Fortunately, there is a way to purchase extra credits, whichever Audible plan you’re currently on.

To do this, you have to be an active Audible member and on the one and same plan for a minimum of 30 days. Additionally, you should have no credits remaining at the moment of purchase.

How to Buy Credits on Audible UK

The UK version of Audible allows you to purchase three extra credits at a time. They cost £6 per credit, totaling £18.

  1. To buy extra credits, navigate to the top of the Audible website, and you should see a Buy 3 extra credits entry right next to your currently available credits.
  2. Click the entry and then select Buy Now to purchase three extra credits.
  3. If you’re accessing Audible via mobile, you’ll find the Buy 3 extra credits option in the Menu section to the left.

How to Buy Credits on Audible US

  1. Go to the Audible website, sign in if needed, and click on the Buy 3 extra credits option.
  2. Click on Buy Now.

How to Buy Credits on Audible Canada

Unfortunately, the extra credits option doesn’t apply to Audible Canada. The only way to buy extra credits on Audible in Canada is to switch to a USA ( account and cancel your Audible Canada account.

Contact the support team for account cancelation. Audible US offers better support, membership promotions, deals, more flexibility, and an overall better experience.

How to Buy Credits on Audible India

Audible India doesn’t allow purchasing extra credits outside of the credit-per-month subscription option on Audible Premium. However, it allows you to save up to six unused credits for future use.

Additionally, if you happen to use up all your monthly credits, you can purchase more audiobooks for 30% off their list price. The service also allows you to swap the audiobooks for free if you dislike them.

How to Buy Credits on Audible on iPhone

On iOS devices, gifts are purchased via the mobile web app.

  1. Go to your Audible account on your device, sign in, and locate the “Buy 3 extra credits” entry. If your country allows buying credits, you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

How to Buy Credits on Audible on Android

The same rules apply here as with iOS devices. Use the Audible website and look for the Buy 3 extra credits option.

How to Buy Credits on Audible on Amazon

You can’t buy Audible credits using Amazon, even though Audible is Amazon’s proprietary audiobook service. However, Audible audiobooks can be found on Amazon, which means that you can purchase an Amazon eGift card and use it to buy Audible content available on Amazon.

Search Amazon for gift cards, but not before you check to see if the Audible content that you’re looking for is available on Amazon itself.

How to Buy Credits on Audible in App

Regardless of whether purchasing additional credits on Audible is available on your Audible account, you won’t be able to do it via the Audible app on your device as the app syncs with your Audible account.

How to Buy Credits on Audible as a Gift

You can also gift credits to someone else. You can send one, three, six, or 12 credits to someone, and they’ll also get the Plus Catalog feature. Gifts can be sent in email or can be printed.

  1. To send gifts, go here and select one of the four options. Audible Gift Options
  2. Then, choose whether you want Audible to email the gift to someone or get a printed version that you can give to the recipient in person. Audible Gift Screen
  3. Fill out all the required information, which includes the recipient’s name, email, your name, and the delivery date. The Print option requires the recipient’s name and your own.
  4. Then, you’ll be prompted to select the customized card of your preference.
  5. Finally, you’ll be able to preview the gift and confirm sending it.

How to Buy Credits on Audible With Amazon Gift Card

The Amazon eGift card cannot be used to directly buy Audible credits. However, you can use an eGift card to purchase Audible content via Amazon.

Additional FAQs

1. How much is 3 credits on Audible?

Audible allows users in certain countries to buy three extra credits. In the UK, for instance, this costs £18. The option isn’t available in all countries. Before giving up on buying extra Audible credits, though, check to see whether you can switch to another Audible domain. For example, Canadians can use the US version, which does allow purchasing three extra credits.

2. Can you buy more credits on Audible?

Only certain Audible domains (like allow purchasing extra credits.

3. How do I get credits on Audible app?

The most straightforward way to get credits on Audible would be signing up to the Premium Plus plan on Audible. This allows you to get a credit each month that you can use up to a year from signing up. You don’t have to do anything inside the app; the credits are added automatically.

4. Can you buy Audible credits without a membership?

No, you cannot. You can purchase Audible content without membership through Amazon, but you don’t get access to credits without membership. The Audible Plus plan doesn’t land you with any monthly credits, but some countries allow purchasing extra credits through this membership plan. Audible Premium Plus gives you one credit per month or twelve credits per year.

5. How much does Audible membership cost?

This depends on the domain of the Audible that you’re using. For the US, the Plus membership sets you back $7.95 a month, while the Premium Plus costs $14.95 per month. There are extra plans available depending on where you’re located.

6. How much will getting the Whispersync narrated version cost?

Whispersync is an option that allows you to buy an eBook and have it available in audiobook mode as well. This revs up the price of an eBook at an extra $1.99 to $12.99, depending on the book in question. The prices here vary from country to country, so, expect to add a maximum of $12.99 to the original price of the book.

Making the Most Out of Audible Credits

Credits can be used on every Audible domain throughout the world. However, only certain domains allow purchasing extra credits, while others offer different benefits. The most straightforward way to get Audible credits is by joining the Audible Premium Plus membership, which gives you a credit per month or 12 credits per year.

Amazon’s proprietary services can be somewhat confusing at times, and Audible is no exception. We hope that we’ve clarified the basics of credits on Audible. If you have any additional questions or extra tips to add, don’t be a stranger; you’ll find a comments section below this entry – go ahead and comment away.

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