How to redeem an iTunes gift card on your iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC

If you own an Apple device, you’ll know that the iTunes Store is the best place to get your fill of content. As well as a huge range of music, films and TV shows on offer, iTunes also includes the App Store – the only place to download free and paid-for applications to your Apple devices. It makes sense, then, that you might have bought, or been given an iTunes voucher this Christmas – but how do you redeem it? If you’ve just been presented with a voucher and want to spend it as soon as possible, this is quick tutorial is for you.

How to redeem an iTunes gift card on your iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC

iTunes vouchers can be sent electronically or physically, with the latter available at most supermarkets and department stores. If you’ve just got one, here’s how to use it.

How to redeem an iTunes voucher

If you’ve been given a physical gift card, your first step is to remove it from any packaging, and turn it around to show a bar code, along with the word iTunes at the top right.

Although its placement varies between cards, each voucher features a label on the back – just like scratch card. Peeling this off should reveal a 16 digit number, where the information for the value of your card is held.

Once you’ve located your gift card number, you have two options for how to redeem it. It’s simple on a Mac or PC, and if you’re using an iPhone or iPad, the process is even easier.

How to redeem an iTunes voucher on an iPhone or iPad

  1. First open the App Store application on your iOS device, and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen. After being prompted to sign in with your Apple ID, all you need to do is enter your 16 digit password and click redeem.itunes_redeem_success
  2. In some countries, you’re also able to use your iPhone or iPad’s camera to read the code, making things even easier.

How to redeem an iTunes voucher on a PC or Mac

  1. If you’re using a computer or laptop the process is pretty similar, but you’ll need to open iTunes. If you’re running the latest version of iTunes, you’ll see a silhouette with your name underneath it, just to the left of the search bar.   
  2. After you’ve found it, click on the the silhouette and click Redeem.how_to_redeem_itunes_gift_card_step_one_mac
  3. After that, all you need to do is make sure you’re logged in and then enter your 16 digit code. Again, just like the iDevice method, in some countries Apple lets you use your computer’s camera to read the code, making the whole process even slicker.how_to_redeem_itunes_gift_card_from_mac

How to redeem a gift by email

If you’ve received an iTunes gift card by email, the process is even simpler. Just follow the link and you’ll be prompted to repeat one of the processes, depending on which device you’re using.

Where can you spend your iTunes gift card? 

Want to download music or an iBook? Your Apple ID works across accounts, meaning the balance in your account will be transferable between Apple services, so you can buy games, in-store purchases or any other content.

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