This $10 fake cable makes Apple’s £159 AirPods look wired again

Like it or lump it, if you want the latest and greatest iPhone, your old earphones with their trusty old 3.5mm headphone jack are facing early retirement.

This $10 fake cable makes Apple’s £159 AirPods look wired again

There are some alternatives: you could use the bundled 3.5mm adapter and keep using the old buds, or you could buy some good Lightning port headphones. The final choice is Apple’s new wireless earbuds: the AirPods, which dangle from your ear canal like misplaced, plastic earrings. With nothing to tether them to each other, or to your body, some are certain they’re just begging to go missing.

That isn’t great for a product that costs the best part of £160. Still, if you’ve already spent that much, what’s the harm in spending an extra $10 on something to anchor them together? Currently available for pre-order on Amazon’s US store (no sign in the UK yet), the AirPods Strap clips to your new purchase connecting them with what is essentially a fake wire. You could make a DIY version with a bit of string, if you like, but it wouldn’t provide the “premium housing” that the strap claims to offer.

It’s fair to say that not everyone is impressed at the idea.airpod_cable_comment

Of course, you could avoid the need for extra cables by purchasing different earphones in the first place. Perhaps a pair with a design that you don’t urgently feel the need to augment.

Still, if the lack of cable doesn’t put you off, we’ll be back with a full review of the AirPods soon. We probably won’t review this fake cable, though.

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