Steve Jobs’ typo-laden job application goes for more than £125,000

Update: It turns out the auction house was being pessimistic. While Steve Jobs’ one-page job application was expected to raise around £50,000 (or approximately £35,800), the bidding finally closed today at $174,757, or a whopping £125,797.08. 

Steve Jobs’ typo-laden job application goes for more than £125,000

The document will be shipping across the Atlantic from Boston to London, where it was won by an “internet entrepreneur” who wishes the remain anonymous. 

“Steve Job’s and Apple encouraged each of us to ‘Think Different,’ and even today several years after his untimely passing it’s still difficult to think of anyone more iconic, or influential who has had such profound impact on our everyday modern lives,” said Bobby Livingston from RR Auction. ”There are many collectors who have earned disposable income over the last few decades using Apple technology, and we expect similarly strong results on related material in the future as well.” 

Tom’s original news story about the auction continues below

A pre-Apple job application filled out by Steve Jobs is going up for sale next month, complete with typos and punctuation errors.

The one-page application, dating from 1973, is being listed by Boston auction house RR Auction with an estimated value of over $50,000 (£35,800). Written for an unnamed position, the future Apple founder details his name as “Steven jobs”, and address as “reed college”; an Oregon college he briefly attended. Under the subsection “Phone”, Jobs simply states “none”.

The document also hints at Jobs’ aspirations to work in the nascent design and technology industries in California. Under “Special Abilities”, he somewhat confusingly states: “electronics tech or design engineer. digital. – from Bay near Hewitt-Packard,” possibly referring to the San Francisco Bay Area and the pioneering tech company Hewlett-Packard.

Jobs writes “yes” when asked if he owns a drivers’ licence, but “possible, but not probable,” in response to “Access to transportation?” When asked about skills, he writes “yes (design, tech)” besides “Computer” and Calculator”.

Three years after the application, Jobs and Steve Wozniak would go on to found Apple.

The auction for the document will run between 8-15 March, alongside a number of other Jobs-related items: a Mac OS X technical manual signed by the Apple founder in 2001, valued at $25,000 (£17,900), and a 2008 newspaper clipping about the iPhone, also signed by Jobs, which is being valued at $15,000 (£10,700).

RR Auction is also selling a fingerprint card from Jimi Hendrix’s 1969 arrest in Toronto, signed by the musician, and valued at $15,000 (£10,700). There’s also a complete set of Harry Potter books signed by JK Rowling, valued at $10,000 (£7,100).

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