What does 10GB of data REALLY get you?

Forget upfront costs or monthly fees, the most important part of a phone contract for many of us is getting access to high-speed data, and then having enough of a data allowance to fuel our browsing habits. 

What does 10GB of data REALLY get you?

Network operator Three was one of the first to launch contracts with unlimited data and other providers soon followed suit. However, not all unlimited plans are created equal and some will still cap you at a certain amount, albeit an incredibly large one. But what if you can’t afford, or don’t want an unlimited data contract? How much data do you use and how much should you, realistically, be paying for? 

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To give you a general idea, FoneHouse has put together an infographic which details what you get with a 10GB of mobile data allowance. It shows how much streaming you can do, how many emails you can send, the number of Snapchats you get and how much time you can spend on Facebook. 

The numbers, as you can see below, are based on average usage levels of each app, for the average user, according to the individual services and products listed. Chances are that if you’re a YouTube obsessive, you’ll get through much more, or if Spotify is your thing, then streaming music will play the biggest role, but the graphic gives an overview of what is possible. 


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