How to Change your Name in Arknights

Hey there Doctor! You can’t change or take back some things when you make a new game account, and for a while, that applied to changing your name on Arknights.

How to Change your Name in Arknights

Have you been trying to change your in-game Arknights name to no avail?

Fortunately, changing your name is now possible. Changing your squad’s name has always been a possibility, though with exceptions. This guide will inform about Arknights renaming and applies to both iOS and Android.

Changing Your Name in Arknights

Changing your player’s name in Arknights hasn’t always been a possibility. The only way to get a new one was to make a new account. Doing this is similar to rerolling. Changing names was a possibility only new players could entertain, but only until recently with the introduction of reset cards.

“Operation Originium Dust” helps change this with the “ID Reset Card.” It’s a free card to claim but only for a limited time. The Card was delivered after August 18 to every player’s in-game mail. Eligible players needed to logs in and create an account before October 1, 2021, 03:59 (UTC-7). However, Guest accounts aren’t included in this offer since you need to bind an email to be eligible.

If you’re eligible for the Card, follow these steps to change your player’s name:

  1. Collect your free ID Reset Card from the in-game mail.
  2. Tap on Depot.
  3. Find the reset card. Its color is blue.
  4. After selecting it, tap on use to choose your new name.

Note that the #number after your account’s name will change after using the ID Reset Card. Also, remember to redeem the Card before October 1.

Operation Originium Dust is a new side story event that will last until September 1, 2021, 03:59 (UTC-7). Hence, to partake in it, you must finish the “Main Storyline 2-10” and “Operation Originium Dust Event Stage OD-1” first. The event is a crossover with “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.” Tachanka, a five-star character, is the event operator.

You can complete missions and objectives in the event stages for rewards. The event brings the new “Multivariate Cooperation” game mode, essentially a co-op. The co-op lets players create, match, or join someone to play together without using “Sanity.”

Completing event missions will give you the “Rhodes Island Supply Ration Coupons” and other rewards. You can use coupons for redeeming items from the commissary. The new event shop will remain open until September 8, 2021. A few of the shop’s main rewards include LMD, Battle Records, Tachanka’s Token, Elite Materials, and Special Equipment Exhibition Room Furniture.

The new event banner is a limited headhunting banner. It has four new operators from Team Rainbow, like Ash, Tachanka, Blitz, and Frost.

Ash is the featured 6-star character and the team’s acting leader. Her customized M120 grenade launcher is handy for clearing obstacles as it does a lot of damage on an armored target. Blitz uses a handgun and a Tactical Light Shield that is good for blinding close-by enemies in a confined space. Frost uses modified mechanical traps which obstruct enemies. Tachanka uses a machine gun and a grenade launcher, which makes him the powerhouse of the team.

Remember to use your free x10 rolls from the event banner before September 1. The event also brings new skins for Schwarz, Tachanka, Ash, and Liskarm that will sell for a limited time.

Despite the event’s many features, players need to take advantage of the free ID Reset Card even if they don’t participate much in the rest of the event.

How to Change a Squad Name in Arknights

Check out these steps for changing your squad names:

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Now select the Squad button.
  3. Note that you will have your four squads named at the bottom.
  4. To change the name of a squad, first select it. Then click on the “pen icon” to modify the name.

Note that the squad’s name can’t contain special characters. That includes spaces. You can add letters and numbers. A specific combination of letters is banned no matter the word and order you use them in. For example, “AV/av” or “SQ/sq” are not allowed. If you can’t seem to land the right word, modify it and keep trying.

Renaming Has Never Been Relatively Easier in Arknights

Arknights may not have started on the right foot with its name-changing policy; however, things are changing, and that change looks promising. Although players can only change their name one time with the Card, it doesn’t have an expiration date.

Keep in mind that certain combinations of letters and words are censored, so a name change for you or your squad may not be available. While you may not be able to choose names as freely as you may want, at least you’re able to do so now.

So, what’s your new Doc name? What did you end up naming your squads? Let us know in the comment section below.

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