How To Fix BeReal Not Showing Screenshot

If someone screenshots your photo in the BeReal app, you will be notified and given access to that person’s profile details. Occasionally, BeReal has issues showing who has screenshotted your profile. Fortunately, there are a few troubleshooting methods that can remedy this problem. This article will tell you everything you need to know about seeing who has screenshotted your BeReal images.

How To Fix BeReal Not Showing Screenshot

Why Your Screenshot Notifications Aren’t Showing

There are a few possible reasons why you aren’t getting the notifications you want. Occasionally, the feature doesn’t seem to work as it should. Here are the possibilities of what is going on when you can’t see who screenshot your picture.

No One Has Screenshot Your Post

The most obvious reason BeReal isn’t showing screenshots is that there aren’t any yet. You will not see a box with a zero placeholder in it if no one has interacted with your post. Check to be sure that your privacy settings are allowing others to see your posts correctly. After this, wait for others to see your post and react.

You can also ask a friend to screenshot you and test it. If you still don’t see the number or icon indicating a screenshot, one of the following problems might be affecting you.

The Photo Isn’t Current Enough

The only screenshot details that will appear in your BeReal feed are from your most recent post. If you are looking for BeReal to show you screenshots from past posts, don’t bother. You will only see screenshot information for the previous 24 hours and only on your most recent photo.

The Photo Isn’t Yours

You can’t see who screenshots other people’s material. Only the creator of the post has permission to view these details. If you’re looking at someone else’s post to see who screenshot it, BeReal will not show that to you.

The Details Are Blurred Out

If you see the notification next to your post but can only view the blurred-out details of the people who took screenshots, there is a reason. BeReal does not show you their personal information on iPhones until you share your post to a different social media network. Once you cross-post with a share on another platform, you can view the other people’s BeReal profile details.

You will only need to share the photo once to view all the details for anyone who screenshot it. BeReal will also reveal the profile information for anyone else who screenshots the post in the next 24 hours or until you update with a newer post.

On Android devices, this step isn’t necessary. BeReal automatically shows who took a screenshot.

The Person Took a Partial Screenshot or a Video

If you believe someone has saved your photo, but BeReal isn’t showing the notification, they might’ve used a workaround. Partial screenshots will not give you any notifications. If they take a video of your post and pull out a photo, you also won’t be notified in your BeReal app.

BeReal Still Isn’t Showing Screenshots

If none of these problems resolves your issue, it’s time to ask BeReal for help. Once you have verified that your picture passes these tests, if you still can’t see who took screenshots, contact BeReal’s customer service.

How to Screenshot Secretly

Occasionally you may want to take a screenshot without alerting anyone. There are two ways to do this, which don’t register with BeReal as a screenshot.

Screen Record Instead

Try a screen record instead of a screenshot, which registers an alert on BeReal.

  1. Start screen recording on your mobile device.
  2. Stop recording.
  3. Use your device’s video editor, or your favorite video editing tool, to capture the photo freeze frame you want from the video.

At least for now, recording someone’s post doesn’t trigger any notification on BeReal.

Take a Partial Screenshot

BeReal displays as a continuous feed. You can take a partial screenshot with less than 50% of someone’s photo without sending a notification.

  1. Scroll to have less than 50% of someone’s picture on the screen.
  2. Take a partial screenshot.
  3. Scroll to take the bottom half of the same photo.
  4. Complete the photo with another partial screenshot.
  5. Use a photo editor to splice the two together.

While this method has been tested and found successful by many users, it isn’t foolproof. If you accidentally get too much of the picture in your screenshot, there’s always the possibility that the originator will be notified.

Why Do Screenshot Notifications Only Last 24 Hours?

BeReal sends an alert to its users once a day at a randomized time. At the time of the alert, users can post an authentic picture for a two-minute window only. Once the two minutes have passed, all images are published with a “late” tag.

The BeReal model intends for users to post photos right away with no staging or filters included. For this reason, each post is only intended to be the focus of that single day. After 24 hours, that post is no longer considered current. BeReal considers it old news then and doesn’t keep its associated notifications.

Can I Find Old Screenshot Notifications in the App?

Unfortunately, once 24 hours have passed, BeReal does not keep the information from past photos. There is no way to recover old notifications of who screenshot your posts.


What if I want to see who took a screenshot of my post but don’t want to share it with another social media network?

This is a common concern, and there are a couple of easy workarounds. If you don’t have another social media account, you can always create a dummy one and make it private. This way, you can share without posting anything publicly.

Alternatively, you can share your post on another platform and then immediately delete that post. BeReal does not care if you share and delete it immediately. It will still reveal the information to you.

Do I have to share the post once for everyone who screenshots my picture?

No, you only have to share it once for BeReal to give you the details of every person who screenshots that photo. If anyone takes a screenshot of your post afterward, those details will also be revealed.

Will I receive a push notification of the screenshots?

No, there are no push notifications involved with screenshots on BeReal. The only alert is the number next to your post. You will have to open the app to view the announcements.

Where will I see the screenshot notifications?

When someone screenshots one of your BeReal photos, a tiny symbol notifies you of the action.

• On iPhone, a tiny counter next to the photo’s time stamp will increase.

• On an Android, a small yellow shutter icon tells you someone has taken a screenshot.

You can see how many people have reacted to your photo by clicking on the notification.

Viewing Screenshots on BeReal

BeReal is all about taking real pictures and sharing genuine content. In a world of filters and AI, it’s nice to have an app focusing on authenticity. Whether users like it or not, notifying people when others take screenshots of their photos is part of BeReal’s aim for transparency.

Many people are surprised by this feature, but it’s helpful once you know it’s there. Once you understand which screenshot notifications your BeReal profile will show, you can keep track of who is keeping track of you!

Have you had experience with taking screenshots of others or with other users taking screenshots of your photos? Did you know that BeReal sends notifications? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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