How to Use Skill Points in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a mass multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with many classes to choose from. As with most MMORPGs, these classes all have different skills. When you first play the game, you need to level up and gain Skill Points, as most skills are locked.

How to Use Skill Points in Black Desert Online

Skill Points are what allow you to unlock skills and upgrade them. If you’re not sure how to use them, you’re in the right place. We’ll also mention the Succession and Awakening systems and how Skill Points matter to them.

Black Desert Online – Skill Point Basics

The main ways to get Skill Points in Black Desert Online are:

  • Defeating enemies
  • Training with skill books on dummies
  • Completing quests

The Skill Points you earn from completing quests don’t count towards the Skill Points soft cap. Many players are at Level 60 and still find it challenging to get enough Skill Points for all their skills.

When playing Black Desert Online, you can manage your Skill Points and use them for any skills, including reassignment if needed. However, when you reach Level 56, you can’t reassign your Skill Points to other skills anymore. For Level 56 and above, you may have to resort to microtransactions to reset your skills.

By the time you reach Level 56, you’ll already know what skills and trees to focus on. The free reset after the Awakening quest can let you redo your skills past that level, but we urge you to plan out your skills before completing the Awakening quests. You should save the reset for an urgent situation.

Skills in Black Desert Online are tied to the weapons you use. When you reach Level 56, you have the chance to play an Awakening quest. These quests let you change your weapon and gain access to more powerful skills.

Skill Points After Awakening

After you complete your Awakening quest, you still have to use Skill Points to unlock new skills. Awakening quests require players to change weapons, letting them access entirely different skill trees. That’s why farming for Skill Points is still essential even past Level 56.

Even though you have access to your new weapon, your old weapon and skills are still there. If you plan your skills and weapon combinations right, you can create some interesting combos and tactics.

How to Use Skill Points in Black Desert on the Xbox

To use your Skill Points, you have to level up your character. Unlike some games, in Black Desert Online, you can unlock any skill by reaching the requisite level and using your Skill Points. There’s no need to spend extra to obtain and unlock the skill.

The process is relatively simple, so let’s get into it.

  1. Open your menu by pressing the Start button.
  2. Navigate to the “Skill” option.
  3. Look for a skill you want to unlock.
  4. Select the skill.
  5. Use your Skill Points to unlock it.
  6. Repeat if necessary for the other skills.

Thankfully, Skill Points are aplenty in Black Desert Online. You’re more likely to spend time gazing at skill trees than anything.

How to Use Skill Points in Black Desert on the PS4

Both consoles are practically identical, so the steps we mentioned above should work for you if you play on a PS4. Without further ado, here are the instructions.

  1. Press the Options button to open the menu.
  2. Go to the “Skill” section.
  3. Find the skill or skills you can unlock.
  4. Choose the skill you want to obtain.
  5. Spend your Skill Points on the skill to unlock it.
  6. Repeat these steps until you’re finished with skill unlocking.

On a console, looking for the Skill menu involves a few more actions than playing on PC. Now, we’ll talk about using Skill Points on a PC.

How to Use Skill Points in Black Desert on a PC

Since PC players tend to play with a mouse and keyboard, they can instantly press a button to bring up the Skill menu. By default, the Skill menu’s binding is the “K” key. If you changed the key binds earlier, press that key instead.

Here’s how to use your Skill Points on PC:

  1. In Black Desert Online for PC, press the “K” key.
  2. This action brings you directly to the Skill menu.
  3. Select the skill to unlock with Skill Points.
  4. Unlock the skill.
  5. Spend more Skill Points if you have other skills to unlock within your skill tree.

Best Locations to Farm for Skill Points

There are a few locations in the game world that yield Skill Points, including:

  • Fadus Habitat

This location is better for beginners, as the enemies tend to cluster together, and other players tend not to come here. The loot here is lighter, so you can carry more back home, too. If you just started playing, you’ll find this place exceptional for Skill Points.

  • Gahaz Bandits

Gahaz Bandits is a den located right outside a city in Shakatu’s Territory. The enemies here are spread farther apart, but not so much that you waste time traveling. Their loot is also light to carry and sells for decent money.

  • Desert Naga Temple

Since the temple is in the desert, you must bring Purified Water or Star Anise Tea to stay safe from desert sickness. The enemies here drop a lot of money along with plenty of Skill Points. The temple is near a bank, too, a welcome bonus.

Let’s Go With This Skill Tree

Using your Skill Points in Black Desert Online can open many different possibilities. Even before Awakening or Succession, we recommend you seek more advice on what skills to focus on. That way, you won’t have to reset your skills at all.

What skill trees do you prefer to use in Black Desert Online? How many times have you reset your skills? Tell us in the comments section below.

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