How To Block Calls on the HTC U11

If you have ever received unwanted calls on your cell phone, you know how annoying they can be. Unsolicited calls, whether you know the person or not, can be irritating and invasive.

How To Block Calls on the HTC U11

Ever wish you could stop the calls? You can use the block feature on your phone to do just that. Take a look at some of the ways to block unwanted calls on your HTC U11 smartphone.

Blocking Calls via Call History

One of the easiest ways to block unwanted calls is through your call history. Keep in mind though that all calls from the phone number or contact will be declined automatically. So if you change your mind later on you will have to manually unblock the calls.

Step One – Go into Call History

First, from the Home screen tap the Phone icon.

Step Two – Block Call

From the Phone menu, swipe right. This will display your call history.

Find the contact or phone number that you want to block from your call list. Press and hold the listing (long tap) until you see additional options pop up.

Choose “Block contact” and confirm with “OK.”

Removing a Caller from Block List

If you change your mind later, you can unblock these calls easily.

Step One – Access Call History

Just like when you blocked the caller initially, you first need to get to your call history. The easiest way to do this is by tapping on your Phone icon from the Home screen.

When you reach the Phone menu, swipe right to access call history.

Step Two – Unblock Calls

From your call history tab, tap the 3 vertical dots to open additional options. Pick “Blocked contacts” to see your blocked list.

Long tap the contact or phone number that you want to unblock. When additional options pop up, tap on “Unblock contacts.”

Blocking Calls via Contact List

Additionally, you can block calls from your contact list. This may help if you are receiving calls from someone you know and maybe plan to unblock later.

Step One – Access Contact List

From your Home screen, tap on the “People” icon. Tap on Menu and go to “Manage contacts.”

Step Two – Blocking Contacts

After tapping on “Manage contacts,” go to “Blocked contacts.”

Tapping on “Add” allows you to do the following actions:

  • Block an existing contact
  • Block a new phone number

Which Do You Use?

If you want to block a contact you already have saved to your phone, select the person and tap “Save.” Tapping “OK” will also enable you to store the contact information to a different account before you block the contact.

However, if you want to block a phone number that is not saved to your contacts, simply enter the number. When you are done, tap “OK” to save it to your blocked contacts.

Final Thoughts

Blocking and unblocking unwanted calls is easy. If you are dodging unsolicited sales calls, though, that may be a little harder to block. Why? They often use rotating phone numbers so it’s hard to pinpoint one number to block.

If that’s the case, or you want to block calls from “unknown” phone numbers, you may also want to look into 3rd party apps. These apps have varying degrees of customization and effectiveness, but they may be a good solution if your HTC U11 block feature isn’t enough.

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