How To Block an Email Sender’s Address in Cox

Between bots and marketers whose only purpose seems to be filling your inbox with ads and nonsense, it’s impossible to avoid receiving spam emails. Do not bother opening these – you could get a computer virus if you click on any of the links in spam messages.

How To Block an Email Sender's Address in Cox

Applying for Cox webmail allows you to get 10 email accounts. This is great, but you will still get a lot of spam unless you learn how to block unwelcome emails. This article will teach you to do that.

Steps for Blocking an Email Sender in Cox

If you are too annoyed by constantly seeing spam messages from various senders in your inbox, you can take some steps to make them go away. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Log into your Cox webmail account at their official website.
  2. When you reach the Cox webmail homepage, click on the menu at the top of the screen and choose Settings.
  3. Click on Allow and Block Messages in this menu.
    block an email sender in cox
  4. Then go to the Advanced Blocking Features window.
  5. Mark the Activate Advanced Blocking Features box.
  6. Now you can block all the email senders who annoy you with spam. Simply add their email address to the block list.
  7. You can also choose to automatically delete mail from blocked senders.

Block individual senders one at a time

There is another way you can block senders individually, one by one. Here is how:

  1. Log into your email at Cox.
  2. Look for the sender you want to block in your inbox.
  3. Click on the three lines which will open the More menu.
  4. Select Block Sender.
  5. You can block as many senders as you please by using this method, although it may be time-consuming.

Cox Webmail Spam Blocker

Cox has many measures in place to combat spammers and illegal online advertising. Nobody is allowed to send spam emails using Cox’s high-speed internet network .They also have a feature called Spam Blocker which is available to every Cox webmail user for free.

block email sender in cox

This feature scans all your incoming emails. You can use it on any email client, and both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is extremely effective in eliminating spam because it destroys it even before it gets to you.

Cox will never sell their users’ information, including their email addresses. They have a strict privacy policy. They also work hard on blocking spammers from their network. Their staff blocks known spammers and they have software designated to track all incoming and outgoing emails. So, basically, most of the spammers get blocked by default in Cox.

How to Protect Yourself from Spam

People that spam your email usually do it bulks. They set up an email server with the only purpose of spamming over the Internet. Their emails are often riddled with computer viruses which can steal information and spread the spamming to an even higher scale.

You can follow these tips to reduce the amounts of spam you get to a minimum:

  1. Use a good username for your email address – A good username is one that is long and unique. You can add numbers and symbols in the mix. Try not to use the same usernames on more than one website.
  2. Do not unsubscribe from the spammer’s list – This sounds weird, but it is actually better not to click on anything inside the spam mail. Unsubscribing can result in even more spam.
  3. Avoid using your primary email when you sign up for websites – Try to have several email addresses for different purposes. Be especially careful if you think your email will be visible online and possibly shared.
  4. Unknown sender equals spam in most cases – If an email address seems unfamiliar, you can usually assume it is spam. You can complain to your internet service provider about it. Keep any available sender info so you can pass it on to the network admin.
  5. Try to keep your personal details off the Internet – This is becoming hard to do nowadays when everyone uses the Internet but you can at least cover your tracks. You can ask the admins of major online directories to remove you from their lists.

Leave Me Alone

Using the step-by-step methods above should keep you safe from spammers on Cox webmail. You should also follow the tips provided in the end if you want to be extra safe. Some spam will always break through, that is the unfortunate truth.

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