How To Block and Appear Invisible to Someone on WeChat

Anyone who has been on social media for longer than five minutes knows that people can quickly become tiresome or annoying. You do have the luxury of being able to ignore them but if they persist, you may need to take more stringent measures. One thing you can do is block them. This tutorial will show you how to block someone on WeChat as well as a couple of tips on managing annoying people online.

How To Block and Appear Invisible to Someone on WeChat

WeChat is huge and has over a billion users. Originally from China, this app did something very few other apps from Asia have ever done, successfully translate to the west. More often than not, the cultural differences and the unique ways the east and west use apps means the two rarely come together. WeChat is one of the few apps to bridge that gap.

WeChat is a chat app like WhatsApp but is also much more. The core chat feature is what most of us know best but there are also much more like games, local people search, monetization, quick connect, WeChat Moments and a ton of other stuff. To be honest, I have used WeChat for months but have only scratched the surface of what is possible.

Blocking someone on WeChat

As WeChat concentrates on chatting and making connections, it is inevitable that you will connect with someone who is more trouble than they are worth. You know the type. The oversharers, those with no filter, those who think they can say or do whatever they like online because it isn’t real, or someone worse.

Blocking is often the best way of handling people like this. It isn’t your only option but as this was the headline, let’s tackle it first.

  1. Open WeChat and select Contacts.
  2. Select the person you want to block.
  3. Select the three white dot menu icon in the top right.
  4. Select Moments Options.
  5. Select Add to block list.

This was done on Android so the menus may be slightly different for iPhone. Either way, once done that person can no longer bother you.

You can see who is on your block list by checking it.

  1. Select Settings from within WeChat.
  2. Select Privacy and then Blocked List.

You will see a list of everyone you have blocked in that list. You can select one and choose to unblock if you want to or leave them alone. It’s entirely up to you.

Muting someone in WeChat

Blocking someone may be a little extreme if all they are doing is uploading Moments every five minutes. If they are otherwise inoffensive, you may be better off muting them by turning off notifications. That way, you don’t block them and risk annoying them but aren’t bothered by constant notifications of their actions.

You can mute all notifications, ones within a chat and group chat notifications. You can turn these notifications on and off as and when you need to.

Mute all notifications in WeChat like this:

  1. Select Me and Settings in WeChat.
  2. Select Notifications and turn them off.

You can also mute notifications in a particular chat session:

  1. Open the chat with the person you want to mute.
  2. Select the three dot menu icon.
  3. Select Settings and Mute Notifications.

This does not mute the person altogether, just that chat session. If you keep the session alive you should no longer see any notifications from them.

To mute group notifications, do this:

  1. Select the group chat icon in the top right of a group chat.
  2. Select Mute Notifications.

Again, you don’t mute the individuals, only this particular group chat.

Stop certain people seeing your Moments in WeChat

If you’re being bothered by someone in WeChat and want to restrict what they can see of your time on the app, you can block them from seeing your Moments. It’s a useful tool for denying that person opportunity for comment or harassment and is ideal for avoiding the more toxic people online.

  1. Open WeChat and select Settings.
  2. Select Privacy and Don’t Share My Moments.
  3. Select the ‘+’ icon to add someone.
  4. Select the Friends you want to block from seeing your Moments.
  5. Select OK and then Done.

Unfriend someone in WeChat

Finally, we come to the option of last resort, unfriending. If someone won’t leave you alone or is just too much effort, you can unfriend them so they can no longer interact with you on WeChat. The downside of this is that they will know what you have done as soon as they try to contact you.

  1. Open WeChat and select Contacts.
  2. Select the person you want to unfriend.
  3. Select the three dot menu icon in the top right.
  4. Select Delete to unfriend them.

You cannot undo this but you can friend them again if you really want to.

2 thoughts on “How To Block and Appear Invisible to Someone on WeChat”

Brucifer says:
The chief problem with WeChat is that you cannot block someone who is not already in your contacts list. This is a total make or break for this app which makes it very unappealing. It’s probably due to the fact that the Chinese communist party and public security bureau want to be able to see and track people without being blocked by them after detection with the “people nearby” or search features. I frequently have awful people in my neighbourhood that I want to block from seeing me, but I want to stay visible to others. Without the ability to block anyone that isn’t already a contact, you cannot do this. It’s a big headache.
General says:
How to stop seeing posts from the deleted contacts even though you unfriended/ deleted from contacts?

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