How to Know if Someone Blocked you in WeChat

There are many reasons why someone might block you. Maybe they don’t want to talk anymore, they’re mad at you, or it’s nothing personal but they just need some space. Maybe all they want is to stay away from WeChat for a while. But what can you do to find out if someone has blocked you?

How to Know if Someone Blocked you in WeChat

In this guide, we’ll show you how to know if someone on WeChat has blocked you.

How To Tell if You’ve Been Blocked in WeChat

There is no message in the app that states “you’ve been blocked”, but there are several alternative methods that should allow you to tell.

Method 1: Send a Message

If you are looking to find out if someone has blocked you on WeChat, one of the best ways to do it is to send them a message. You can come up with an excuse or some kind of explanation for contacting them so that the message doesn’t look suspicious.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your WeChat app and navigate to your contacts.
  2. Tap on the name of the contact. This opens the contact’s profile.
  3. Tap on “Send Message.”
  4. Type down the message you’d like to send.
  5. Tap on “Send.”

After sending the message, there are three possibilities:

  • The Message Sends Successfully: This means you’re not blocked.
  • The Message Is Rejected: This means the contact has blocked you.
  • The Message Is Rejected, and an Automated Friend Request Is Generated: This means your contact has blocked you and deleted you from their contacts list.

Method 2: Create a Group Chat

Creating a group chat is one of the easiest ways to find out if someone has blocked you on WeChat. Here’s how to create one:

  1. Open your WeChat app.
  2. Tap on “Chats.”
  3. Tap on the “+” button in the top right corner.
  4. Tap on “New Chat.”
  5. Tap on “Add contacts” and proceed to add the contact you suspect has blocked you and at least one more person from your contact list.
  6. Tap on “Done.”

If the contact of interest is able to join but you can’t see the Moments application, that confirms they’ve blocked you.

So long as you don’t send any message in the group chat, all the contacts added won’t be notified of its existence.

Method 3: Check the Contact’s Thumbnail Pictures and Moments

A WeChat thumbnail is a still image found on a contact’s profile, which accompanies their messages in all conversations. WeChat Moments are like Facebook posts – they function as a timeline of sorts and showcase your articles, voice files, pictures, or links to other content.

If you open the profile of a contact who has blocked you, you’ll neither see their thumbnail picture nor view their Moments.

Method 4: Check Mutual Likes

Past Moments liked by both you and your (possibly absent) friend can help tell whether you’ve been blocked. Here’s how to open them:

  1. Open your WeChat app.
  2. Open “Discover.”
  3. Navigate to your Moments.
  4. Look for something “liked” by both of you.

If you can see your friend’s “like” but not their moments, that confirms they’ve blocked you.

Method 5: Try to View Their Walking Steps

Walking Steps is a feature added to the WeChat app to help users keep an eye on their physical fitness by recording the number of steps made every day. Once the feature has been activated, you can share your Steps in Moments or even as a message to a friend or group chat.

If you establish that you no longer have access to a contact’s Walking Steps, then they’ve blocked you from sending messages or viewing their Moments.

If you can see their daily Steps but can no longer view their moments, that shows they’ve blocked you from viewing their Moments, but you’re still on their contacts list.

Method 6: Send a Broadcast Message

The WeChat broadcast message is a feature that allows you to write a message with up to 5,000 characters, which will then be delivered to all your contacts in their chats. It helps you quickly share information on what’s happening in your day-to-day life. It can be an effective way for businesses to send news or product information to a large group of people.

When you want to find out if someone has blocked you on WeChat, sending them a direct message may be a little uncomfortable for both of you, especially if the last conversation didn’t go so well. In such a situation, a broadcast message can help you avoid all the embarrassment. You could even time the message to coincide with a momentous occasion or event. For example, you could send out greetings to everyone during a holiday.

Here’s how to send out a broadcast message:

  1. Open your WeChat app.
  2. Tap on “Me,” and then select “Settings.”
  3. Tap on “General.”
  4. Tap on “WeChat Tools” and then select “Broadcast Messages.”
  5. Tap on “Send Now, then “New Broadcast Message.”
  6. Select the contacts to include in your broadcast and make sure the one who may have blocked you is one of them.
  7. Type the message and hit “Send.”

If you get a feedback message informing you that your message couldn’t be sent to the contact in question or the message was rejected, that confirms they’ve blocked you on WeChat.

Additional FAQs

What happens when you are blocked in WeChat?

If someone blocks you, WeChat won’t send you a notification. However, there will be a red exclamation mark against any message you try to send. Also, you will receive system-generated feedback that says, “This message is successfully sent but rejected by the receiver.”

Stay in the Know

WeChat is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but it can also be frustrating when you get blocked by one of your contacts. Although there’s no direct way to know for sure, there are a few tricks you can use to find out.

You could get blocked for various reasons, but the bottom line is that the other person wants some space and doesn’t want to interact with you (or possibly anyone). Although it may be tempting to fight back in your own way, the best thing is to respect their decision and move on with your life. Doing this also gives them time to think things through without feeling pressured by unnecessary digital interactions.

Have you ever been blocked by someone on WeChat? How did you find out?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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