How to Block YouTube on an iPhone

Perhaps you want to limit the amount of time a child spends on YouTube. Or maybe you find yourself constantly getting distracted by the app when trying to complete important tasks. Whatever your reason, it’s a good idea to know how to successfully block YouTube from your phone.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to block YouTube on your iPhone in a few easy steps.

How to Block YouTube on an iPhone

These days, both kids and adults alike spend a significant amount of time on YouTube. And who can blame them? From documentaries and cat videos to makeup tutorials and how-to videos, YouTube has something for literally anyone. However, as the saying goes: too much of anything is bad for you.

Fortunately, there are a few different ways to go about blocking YouTube on your iPhone. The first method we’ll be looking at is by using Screen Time in your settings. Just follow these steps:

  1. From your homepage, open “Settings.”
  2. Select “Screen Time.”
  3. From there, you need to enable “Content and Privacy Restrictions.”
  4. Tap on “Content Restrictions.”
  5. Next, select “Apps” and set a limit of 12+.
  6. The iPhone will now only display apps that have an age rating of 12+. YouTube has an age rating of 17+ so it will be automatically blocked.
  7. If you wish to unblock YouTube, follow the above steps but instead of 12+, select 17+ or “Allow All Apps.”

Another way to block YouTube from an iPhone is to delete the app and restrict the installation of new apps. Here’s how:

  1. From the iPhone’s home screen press and hold down the YouTube icon.
  2. Select “Remove App” and confirm your action.
  3. From there, go to “Settings.”
  4. Tap “Screen Time,” then “Content and Privacy Restrictions.”
  5. Hit “iTunes and App Store Purchases.”
  6. From the available options, select “Installing Apps.”
  7. Choose the option for “Don’t Allow.”

You can also block YouTube from your iPhone by blocking the app in Safari and other phone browsers. In order to do this, you must do the following:

  1. Go to “Settings” then tap “Screen Time.”
  2. Next, head to “Content and Privacy Restrictions.” Make sure this feature is enabled.
  3. Tap on “Content and Privacy Restrictions.”
  4. Hit “Web Content.”
  5. From here, select “Limit Adult Websites.”
  6. YouTube isn’t considered an adult website, so won’t be blocked by default. To change this, tap “Add Website” under “Never Allow.”
  7. When prompted, type in a link to YouTube’s site.

If you don’t want to completely block YouTube but want to restrict your use, then you have the option of adding a time limit. When the time limit is exceeded, YouTube blocks itself for the rest of the day.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to enable this feature:

  1. Head to your iPhones “Settings.”
  2. Tap “Screen Time.”
  3. From the options you see, select “App Limits” then “Add Limit.”
  4. Tap on “Entertainment” then choose “YouTube.”
  5. Hit “Next.”
  6. When prompted, set your desired time limit. You can also hit “Customize Days” so that you can have more time on certain weekdays.
  7. To complete your action, select “Add.”

How to Block Ads on YouTube on My iPhone

We’ve all been there. You’re just about to watch a video on YouTube when you suddenly get bombarded with (oddly specific in some cases) ads. Luckily, there is a way to restrict the ads on your YouTube account.

As always, the easiest solution is also a pricey one. For $11.99 a month, YouTube Premium members can enjoy ad-free content across YouTube. However, if you don’t want to spend money it is still possible to block YouTube ads from your iPhone.

There are a bunch of third-party apps that are available in the AppStore. Once an ad blocker has been installed, it needs to be added to Safari’s content blocker list. Here’s how:

  1. Open “Settings” from your homepage.
  2. Tap on “Safari.”
  3. Scroll until you see “Block Pop-Ups.” Switch this feature on.
  4. Next, select “Extensions” and search for the app you have installed onto your phone.
  5. Switch the blocker on by tapping the toggle.
  6. You’ll then want to restart your iPhone.
  7. Ads should now be blocked from your device.

AdLock is a great example of a YouTube ad blocker for iPhones. It’s also the most popular option. Unlike some other third-party ad blockers, AdLock does not come with list of “good” ads. Instead, it blocks all forms of communication from YouTube after it is activated in Safari’s settings.

AdLock doesn’t just block YouTube, but all online ads and pop-ups. If you have installed this blocker, here’s how to go about blocking YouTube ads from your iPhone:

  1. From your homepage, head to “Safari.”
  2. Navigate your way to YouTube.
  3. Select the “Share” button and choose “Block YouTube Ads.”

Some FAQs

Can you be tracked by ad blockers?

Yes and no. Naturally, it’s good to be cautious of some ad-blockers. In most cases, when an ad blocker is free, there is usually a bigger partner involved. Paid ad blockers are generally more trustworthy as they support the developer. The developer’s job is to ensure you have the safest online experience possible.

What is restricted mode on an iPhone?

Also known as parental mode, restricted mode helps you restrict and manage certain types of content, apps, and features on your iPhone. This handy feature is available on all iPhones, no matter the model.

Are there any other options for blocking YouTube ads on my iPhone?

You can also block ads by jailbreaking your phone (although this isn’t recommended). For the best possible option, it’s a good idea to go for third-party apps that are paid. These are the most reliable options available.

How do I remove general ads from my iPhone?

To switch off personalized ads on your iPhone, you can head to “Settings.” From there you simply need to tap “Privacy” then “Apple Advertising.” Opt to switch off personalized ads.

Is AdBlock free to download?

Yes, AdBlock is free for users to download onto their iPhones. The app can be found by heading over to Apple’s AppStore.

Can you lock an iPhone while watching YouTube?

Yes, it is possible to lock your iPhone while watching YouTube. To enable this feature, you need to head to “Settings” and navigate your way to where it says “Accessibility.” From there, tap on “Guided Access” then “Time Limits.” There, you will be able to set your display to lock automatically during guided access.

Avoid Distractions

There are many benefits to having access to YouTube. For some, it even aids in their study sessions or work. However, oftentimes, this worldwide app acts as a distraction for many people. Not only that but modern kids spend a considerable amount of time scrolling through this app, which may not always be good for them.

Fortunately, blocking YouTube from your iPhone is a relatively straightforward process. We hope that this step-by-step guide has helped you in doing this.

Have you tried blocking YouTube on your iPhone? If so, how did you find the process? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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