How To Change Hair Color in CapCut

Changing your hair color doesn’t need to be messy and expensive. With CapCut’s hair color options, you can change your hair color virtually. Whether you’re jumping into the latest TikTok Hair Color Change craze or just wondering how you’d look with a different shade, changing your hair color on CapCut just takes a few simple steps. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this feature.

How To Change Hair Color in CapCut

How to Change Hair Color on CapCut

The easiest way to use CapCut for a color change is to do it directly through the app. All you need to make this work is the CapCut app and a video of someone with hair. Follow these instructions to change hair color with a CapCut template.

  1. Open the CapCut app and start a new project.
  2. Add a video to the new project.
  3. Play the video, then click “Effect.”
  4. Select “Body Effect.”
  5. Scroll down until you find “Hair Color Change” and select it.
  6. Adjust the video time bar to where you want the color change to occur.
  7. Select “Adjust” and use the controls to select hair color, texture, etc.
  8. You can now save and export your video.

With a video and a few clicks, you can see what you would look like with any color hairstyle, and you can share it on social media just as fast. Before you go to your next hair appointment, check out some new tints and try something new!

Changing Hair Color with CapCut and Picture Editing

One way to experiment with hair color on CapCut is to use CapCut and a picture editing app together. Once you have these two apps installed, you can follow these steps.

  1. Use a picture editing app like FaceApp to take a picture of yourself or to upload a picture that you already have.
  2. Select “Hair Colors.”
  3. Choose the color you want to try out and save your picture.
  4. In CapCut or TikTok, find the “Hair Color Change Filter” template.
  5. Select “Use template.”
  6. Choose your original picture and the updated picture with your new hair color.
  7. CapCut will stitch them together into a hair color changing video. You can alter your video now with text, music, special effects, etc.

Using CapCut and a photo-enhancing app, you can change your hair color to a thousand different shades with a few clicks. The best part about this method is that you can change your hair color as many times as you want to as the video plays on.

Picture Editing Apps

CapCut is compatible with a few versatile picture editing apps. If you use the steps above, you can edit the picture on the app to include a new hair color. When you use this as the base picture in CapCut, it will be implemented into the video.

Here are some of the most notable apps for changing hair colors (and more).


This app boasts to be the most popular picture editing app out there. It can edit photos and help you make your hair color changes in CapCut. It’s free and works on both Android and iOS platforms. It offers some interesting options like a filter that adds a beard or ages the user up or down. This is a great app to start off with if you don’t already have a photo editing app.

YouCam Makeup

This is a video editing app that can be used for hair tinting but specializes in trying on different makeup ideas. It has very positive user reviews and has a free option with no or minimal ads. This is the perfect app if you’re not only changing hair color but also want to play around with makeup or facial feature changes. Pictures are realistic and advanced, and the paid version is excellent. This app is video only though – no pictures.

Style My Hair

L’Oreal’s editing app is free but doesn’t have great user reviews. It is available from the Apple store for download and uses a 3D picture to view your selfie with the hair color you choose. It even includes looks like ombré and sombré. If you find something you love, you can even use this app to find the nearest L’Oreal salon.


You can try out FaceTune for free, but it usually requires a monthly subscription, so consider it a temporary solution. This selfie editor not only can change your hair but can change your picture’s background, props, and lighting. It targets people who want to make AI avatars but could also help you change your look for a CapCut hair color alteration. The downside is that it doesn’t have very many color options, and the filter isn’t the best quality over dark hair.

Loreal Paris

On the L’Oreal website you can find their “Virtual Hair Color Try-On.” While this isn’t as likely to help with a CapCut video, many people report using this to figure out what color they want to use in their Hair Color Challenge trend. You can upload a selfie and try on various hair hues. And if you get the perfect picture here, you can always screenshot.

Fabby Look

You can find the Fabby Look app on the Play Store or the App Store. The Apple version has better reviews, but user ratings for both are decent. The app has tons of color options and follows the contour of hair well in pictures. This app is straightforward to use and can edit pictures or videos, all for free.

CapCut Templates

One reason editing videos is so easy in CapCut is the use of templates. There are specific templates for trying out hair color change in fact. As you watch videos in TikTok, look for the CapCut icon above the captions. This signifies that it can be used as a CapCut template. Just tap on it and follow the instructions. Note that you’ll need to have CapCut installed on your device first.

You can also search for specific templates on TikTok. Open the search bar and type in the hair color change template or filter that you’re looking for. You can click on a video and tap to try the effect, or you can use the template in your own video.

CapCut also is loaded with pre-made templates for your use. These can contain songs, filters, and effects all pre-created to layer with your video. You can further edit the template if you want to tweak it a little. Due to the popularity of hair color change, plenty of hair color change templates can give you a headstart so you don’t have to start from scratch.

CapCut Hair Color Change Ideas

Looking for inspiration? Here are few ideas for hair color changes to get you started.

  • Blonde. Highlights are expensive and take some maintenance. Be sure that you like yourself as a blonde before you spend the money. Try out a hair color change in CapCut and see if blondes do have more fun.
  • Red. This is extremely popular on CapCut as red is a striking change for some people. You can try out a natural ginger or a shocking red and see how it goes with your skin tone.
  • Gray. Gray hair is popular in all ages now, but it doesn’t look good on everyone. Try it out before you commit to hair color. Want to see what you’ll look like when you’re older? You can find realistic grays to test on yourself to see how aging will look on you.
  • Rainbow Colors. Hair color isn’t limited to natural shades any more. It’s not unusual to see people with blue, pink, or even green hair. Maybe this wilder look is for you. But before you permanently change your hair, or if you’re not quite ready to do it in real life, use CapCut to view yourself in rainbow hair styles.

CapCut Hair Color Change Made Easy

It’s fun to see what different looks you can make with a selfie and an adjustable hair color bar. The Hair Color Change trend has everyone playing around with CapCut and hair color. Now without any mess or expensive trip to the salon, you can try out any color on yourself and see how you like your new look.

With the help from this article, you too can change your hair color in CapCut and see a brand new you! Did you use this article to change your hair color on CapCut? Tell us in the comments below.

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