How to Change Your Epic Name (2021)

Epic Games has seen an explosion in popularity in the past few years, attracting enviable amounts of attention since the popularization of its’ hit video game Fortnite. As a consequence, there are now more active Epic accounts than ever before, and more active accounts means more name changes. If you too want to change your display name on Epic Games, which includes Fortnite, this article will provide clear instruction of how to do so.

How to Change Your Epic Name (2021)

Verify Email

There are some settings related to your Epic Games account that you can’t change until you’ve verified your email/account for security purposes. The display name is one of them. Seeing if you have verified it or not is not hard to do:

  1. Go to Epic Games’ home page.
  2. If you’re not logged in already, click on the “Log In” button in the top-right corner and type in your login credentials. When you’re ready, click on “Sign In.”
  3. After logging in, the “Log In” button will be changed with a similar button, this time having your Epic name as its label. Hover over it to see additional options.
    Epic games hover
  4. Choose “Account.”
  5. This will take you right to “Personal details.” If your email is not verified, there will be a notification with a hyperlink on top of it. Click on the link to request an email you can verify your account from.
    Not verified
  6. You’ll receive an email very quickly. When you do, open it and click on the “Verify your email” button. Alternatively, you can open the link provided just underneath the button.
    Verify Epic account
  7. The links lead you to the “thank you” screen. Click on “Continue.”
    Mail verify

Change Display Name

Now that you have verified your Epic Games account, you can change your display name very easily:

  1. Hover over the button with your Epic name and click on “Account.” If you aren’t logged in, do that first.
  2. The “Display Name” option is the first on the list. Since you can now edit it, change it to your desired name and hit Enter.
    Personal details
  3. A new red-bordered window will appear just under the display name check box, requesting you to confirm that you want to change the display name. To do this, retype your new display name in the new textbox.
    Retype display name
  4. If you’re fine with not being able to change the display name in the next two weeks, check the box.
  5. Click on the red “Confirm” button.

Username vs. Display Name

Many video games today give you the option to have a display name that is different than your username, which can be a source of confusion. Epic games is among the less confusing video game studios when it comes to this; your username to log in will always be your email. Make sure that when you change your display name, that you remember that your email will always be what you use to log in. Use caution, as the spaces for changing your display name and your user email are located right next to one another!


Other Settings Within Your Epic Account

Parental Controls

If you are worried about your child’s online activity, you should consider enabling parental controls. Parental control settings are located near the bottom of the “General” tab of the Epic account settings. Click on “Turn Parental Controls On” to enable this setting.

Parental control

When enabling it for the first time, Epic will ask you to enter a new six-digit PIN code which will serve as a password. With this option set, you can prevent your child from purchasing anything that’s not age suitable. It even lets you choose the rating system so you can make restrictions based on rating levels.

Password Change

If you own the Epic account and want to change your password, go to the “Password & Security” tab in your account settings. All you need is your current password and your desired new one (twice to make sure you didn’t type it wrong). Keep in mind, however, that there are rules for you to follow, which can be seen to the right.

Change password

Two-Factor Authentication

If you worry about your account security, you can secure it further with either your phone or your email. You can find the two-factor authentication setting in the “Password & Security” tab.

Click on the “Enable Authenticator App” to see exactly how you can enable two-factor authentication, unless you want to do it by email. When clicked, the “Enable Email Authentication” will send a security code to your email, which you then need to enter in the “Security Code” textbox.

Email authentication

Game On

As you can see, changing an Epic account name is very easy. Just don’t forget that you can’t change your password back to an older one, and if you want to change the username again, you’ll have to wait for at least two weeks.

What are some of the best Epic account names you’ve seen? What about the funniest ones? Let us know in the comments.

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