How to Change Your Google Home Time Zone

Google Home devices are straight-up incredible. You can do many cool things with them and they make your life easier. However, there are some settings on Google Home which are just difficult to reach.

How to Change Your Google Home Time Zone

One of those settings is the time zone setting on your Google Home app. For whatever reason, this is very difficult to change and Google still hasn’t addressed the issue (or perhaps solved it). Regardless, there are some options to try that may work for your Google Home app. You’ll need an Android or iOS device to access Google Home settings. Let’s get started.

1. Ensure Prerequisites are Met

You don’t need too much preparation to change Google Home’s time zone, but you should be aware of the requirements nonetheless. Most importantly, you will need an Apple or Android smartphone, as previously mentioned.

You will use your smartphone to download and install the Google Home app (if not already present). Access the iOS Google Home app or the Google Home Play Store page depending on your smartphone’s OS. Make sure that you have the latest version installed. You can use the same link to update the app as well.

The time zone setting is often not working on a Wi-Fi connection, so you will need spare cellular data to make it work. Don’t worry because this process uses very little data and won’t increase your bill. Google never addressed this issue, and part of the problem used to be with Wi-Fi connections.

Regardless, the problem still remains. At the moment of writing, people are still complaining.

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How to Change Google Home Time Zone Using the Google Home App

The Google Home app is the only tool you can use to change the Google Home time zone. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Make sure that your smartphone (Android or iPhone) is connected to the internet using your cellular data. Turn Wi-Fi off. Wi-Fi connections don’t seem to work in resolving the issue, and it will disconnect all Home devices.
  2. Launch your Google Home app. All devices will get disconnected since you disabled Wi-Fi.
  3. Click on “Settings” in the middle of the Home screen.
  4. Select “Home information” at the top of the Home Settings screen.
  5. Tap on the “Home address” row to make changes.
  6. Tap on “Edit” at the bottom of the Home address screen.
  7. Ensure your address is correct, then click “Next.”
  8. The screen returns to the Home address page. Confirm your newly entered address and tap on “Done” to save the changes.

Once you complete the above steps, reboot Google Home and confirm that the time zone is correct on your Home device. If that didn’t sync the correct time zone, try reconnecting to Wi-Fi, then select the Home device and head to its settings, then edit your location there. If the problem persists, ensure that your location is correct while setting up presence sensing. You need to permit the app to run in the background while using your location for it to work properly. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you should contact the official Google support and attempt to resolve the problem with their help.

Why Does This Issue Occur?

This problem seems absurd but it keeps happening. Although there is no official response from Google, people still complain about this issue of Google Home time zone not adjusting. Sometimes, travelling or moving leaves the location to the old address and time zone, but not always.

This means that Google Home has trouble automatically adjusting to a new time zone. Oddly enough, this happens to humans as well, so maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on the poor device. However, Google should do a better job at updating their software, or at least give better instructions for resolving such problems.

People have complained about their Gmail time zone not changing, so it seems to be a recurring problem with Google software. However, that is a topic for another day.

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Adjusting to a New Time Zone

Humans get jet-lagged when they travel long distances. Maybe that is also the case with Google Home? On a more serious note, this issue is pretty common, and Google should work out an update for it.

Until then, you have this fix in your pocket. Did you manage to change your Google Home device’s time zone with this tutorial? Let us know in the comments section below and feel free to add anything else related to the topic.

13 thoughts on “How to Change Your Google Home Time Zone”

Judy Brown says:
No choice to pick “more”. I have tried everything and so did my husband. Please help…I need my alarm.
Gregg Gavin says:
The part about moving the speaker to the home with the new address seems to have done the trick for me.
Janelle Davis says:
I tried to follow directions and under settings there isn’t an option for more settings. Needs to be fixed its useless for a clock or set alarms until timezone can be changed
michelle cooper says:
Christopher Dutch says:
You need to click assistant settings. It’s under your display picture… But I did all this and nada.
Darlington N Ibekwe says:
First off you instructions are not correct. I have the google home app installed on my iPhone. When I select the circle settings button and scroll down there is no option or selection for “More Settings”. Yes, my google home is up to date. I am only provided with three options in the Home Settings: General (Home Information, Household, Rooms and groups), Features (Notifications, Digital Wellbeing, Nest Aware), and Services (Video, Music, Radio, Live TV, Voice and video calls, Shopping list, Works with Google). I have selected every option and no where is there an option for “More Settings”. So, does Google really want to solve this problem and have people be actually able to do so.
Graeme Vetterlein says:
I don’t see a “more settings”
Daniel Powers says:
Yeah I tried to follow these steps in August of 2020 and the instructions seem to be outdated now. There is no “more/advanced settings” after clicking the settings button.
Gerald Jeranka says:
I tried to change the time zone according to the instructions but I failed to get it to change.

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